The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an immense change in the way companies operate. While the pandemic has enforced businesses to allow employees to work from home, it is expected to become the way forward for many industries. Multi-national companies are now evaluating ways to give the work from home policy as a perk to employees. This huge shift in work pattern will not only bring comfort but, chaos too.

Well, if you are an individual already working from home for the past 2 months, you know what we are trying to convey. Work from home can lead to a fall in productivity and loss of work-life balance. However, this can be controlled by simply balancing the energies around a working professional at home. Want to know some of the tips? Read the blog and get a solution!

1- South-West For Workstation: Unlike office space, at home, you have the freedom to choose the direction in which your workstation should be. The ideal direction is the South-West as it enhances productivity and showers an individual with new opportunities.

2- North-East For Positioning The Chair: Once the workstation is set, you must ensure that the chair faces in North or East direction. Facing North-East while working attracts wealth and success. The North ruled by Lord Kuber and East ruled by Lord Indra can help you achieve unprecedented opportunities in your career.

3- Colour Of The Space: While choosing a room for your workstation, ensure that the room is not painted in dark colours. A room painted with cream, white, light yellow, or light gold is best suited for creating a calm and soothing work environment.

4- No Beam Area: As per Vastu, working, sleeping, and studying under a bean is very inauspicious. The beam is said to take away all your positive energies and fill an individual with negative vibes. So, ensure not to work under a beam and rather choose to work in front of a wall with motivational quotes on it.

5- Ensure No Toilet Attached: A room with an attached toilet or washroom is not the best choice for setting up your workstation. A toilet is a place for waste disposal; the area brings negative vibes that can affect your productivity. So, look for a place that does not have a toilet nearby and give 100% to your work!

6- Avoid Obstructions: If artefacts or furniture is placed in between the workstation and main door of the room or house, positive energies get blocked. This is why it is advised to ensure that the entrance gates are not obstructed.

7- Others: In addition to these, choosing a good wooden chair for sitting, placing a globe in North-West, discarding waste papers properly, placing a small fountain in North-East direction, and avoiding placing idols on a workstation is advised.

Work from home can now become the new normal for many Indians. Going forward, don’t let the chaos at home affect your productivity and efficiency. To get more astrology and Vastu-related consultation, consult Pt. Pawan Kaushik, the most renowned astrologer in India Visit the website today to book an appointment and give your work new energy to achieve success.