In ancient times, Pearls were worn as the symbol of royalty and kingship. This appealing gemstone is discovered deep under the sea and attracts everyone. The women all around the globe get lured to

  • 28/07/2021
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Ruby, also known as Manik or Manak, is the gemstone of love. The word “Ruby” is derived from the Latin word “Ruber” which stands for red. This gemstone is extremely strong and is rated 9 on

  • 28/07/2021
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Health & Fitness

There is a close relationship in between zodiac signs, future, past and present of humans. Since health is an indispensable aspect of human life; it is no surprise that health is related to

  • 28/07/2021
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Career & Business

A major part of ancient science helps in predicting the future. This is not just a myth, but is a fact that helps people overcome tough situations and lead a fruitful life. Astrology is one such

  • 28/07/2021
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Wealth & Property

Wealth is a major requirement to live a happy life. It is one of the most important factors in the horoscope that shouldn’t be overlooked. Earning money is always on our priority list and we

  • 28/07/2021
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Marriage & Children

Marriage is one of the most important aspects of one’s life. There can be delays or hurdles in marriage due to unfavorable planet considerations The seventh house in the Kundli is associated with

  • 28/07/2021
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Match- Making : Why is it necessary?

People say opposites attract but is it true even in the case of human beings? It is believed that marriages are made in heaven but celebrated on earth. The matches are pre-decided in accordance with

  • 28/07/2021
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Horoscope Analysis

What does your future hold? This is something that everyone would like to know. Your horoscope by an astrology expert like Pt. Pawan Kaushik can help you discover how stars and planetary motions are

  • 28/07/2021
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Various Methods That Famous Astrologers Use For Horoscope Analysis And Predictions

Chart analysis and predicting the course of a person’s life through their planets and stars is the very basis of astrology in the current times. Astrologers take a look at their native’s

  • 25/05/2021
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