In modern times, astrology plays an important role in bringing positive changes in one’s life. The stress, worries and negativities that come along with changing lifestyle of people are a reason of unhappiness and solitude in their personal as well as professional lives. People have forgotten the religion and moral values. Pt Pawan Kaushik has been successfully imparting knowledge and wisdom in the field of Astrology ranging from topics like matchmaking & horoscope to Vastu Shastra & gemstones.

We, at Shree Shyam Jyotish Kendra are always in search of passionate people who can join us in our pursuit and help us preach more and more people about the importance and effects of astrology and how the astrological means can help them in living a better and happy life.

We go an extra mile to help people build strong faith in the pillars of Astrology. Our country is an amalgamation of different cultures, values, deities, rituals and traditions. We always welcome enthusiastic people who are ready and passionate to take up the challenges to spread the cultural supremacy of our Nation. If you have the devotion and dedication and want to follow this path of social work, you are whole-heartedly welcomed.

Pt. Pawan Kaushik provides the necessary guidance as well as training to help one gain proficiency in different branches of Astrology. We, not only help people in developing an insight into the astrological benefits, but also help broaden up their perspectives.

We impart training and polish skills through training in three main astrological branches:

  • Training for Pandit
  • Training for Astrologer
  • Training for Vastu Consultant