Astrology is a field that requires years of hard work, concentration, honesty, dedication and the divine blessings of Almighty. Pt. Pawan Kaushik is a nation renowned and nation-wide popular Astrologer and Vastu Expert who has been serving the nation with his untiring dedication of 20 years! His expertise and proficiency in the field of Astrological and Vastu was honoured by Paridhi Achievers Award in 2011. The event started by paying a sincere tribute to Pandit Bhimsen Joshi followed by various cultural mixes of dance and music during the award ceremony. Starting from Sufi singing and classical dances to theater performance and soothing music by visually impaired, this event was organized in the occasion of celebrating glorious 25 years of Cultural Excellence by Paridhi Art Group.

Besides this, many other dignitaries were present exclusively for the Award. These celebrities marked their esteemed presence on this Award show and were awarded with many other Awards such as Mr. Arvind Kejriwal (the present Chief Minister of Delhi) who was back then, awarded ‘Desh Ke Naam’ for bringing RTI in Indian Democracy; Kiran Bedi, the first IPS Officer of India, was honored with the prestigious award for Women Empowerment; Soham Baba Ji was awarded for World Peace Movement. Other awarded winners honored during the Paridhi Award Ceremony were Joyoshree Arora (Film & Television), Pankaj Rag (Director FTII) for his devotion and literature, Leena Mahendale (Literature & Social Reforms) and Dhanangaya Kumar(Senior Economist World Bank and Cultural Activist.

Not only this, many other renowned literary personalities gathered, especially for the programme. The Award ceremony experienced warm presence of some nation-celebrated names such as Chitra Mudgal, Anil Joshi, Raji Seth, Pankaj Singh, Prof. Ripusudan Srivastava, Salim Arif and Arjun Rai. The other awardees were lakshmi Shankar Bajpai (Poet), Sushil Sakhuja(Sculptorist), Manjari Chaturvedi (Sufi Kathak), Sushil Baderwal (young Achiever), Krishn Kanhai (kanhai Art) and Grace Ashok Thakkar (Social Worker).