Ruby gemstone represents love and is popularly known as the ‘King of Gemstones’. Associated with The Sun, this stone is the birthstone of the Zodiac, Leo. Red in colour, this capable stone signifies passion and an everlasting union; and is a sign of a marital bliss.In ancient times, Ruby was worn by Kings. It bestows the wearer with power, fame and prestige. People suffering from long prevailing sickness must wear Ruby gemstone for getting reliefs from these health issues. The Sun provides strength to its wearer and helps one overcome all the miseries & troubles.

Ruby gemstone is the appropriate gemstone for people who are looking for a career in politics or the industry that brings fame and power. This gemstone acts as a catalyst between you and your career. The powers of this precious red gemstone can be felt by the wearer in just a few days. When it comes to marriage and relationships, Ruby Gemstone strengthens the bond of love and brings long time commitments. If one is facing tough or troubled times in marriage, Ruby Gemstone helps bring stability and peace of mind.

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