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The Red coral or Moonga, is composed of magnesium calcium carbonate and is a naturally occurring gemstone just like a pearl stone. This amazing gemstone is obtained from deep sea water and grows on underwater plants known as reefs. This red coral gemstone is quite fragile in nature with a hardness or rigidness of around 3.5 on the Mohs scale. Unfortunately, due to the increasing population and global warming, the reefs of red coral are dying which may result in complete depletion of this stone in the future.

This red stone is ruled by the blazing planet, Mars (also known as the Red Planet). Mars represents bravery, fearlessness and courage. Apart from this, ‘this Lord of Wars’ also governs any stability/instability in marital life. If the Mars is not well positioned, one can suffer from various obstacles such as lack of confidence, unaccomplished dreams and poor concentration. Wearing this deep red colour gemstone can instill courage and confidence in the wearer, only in the span of a couple of months. It holds the capability to reverse the evil effects of this planet and retain the positive ones; resulting in a healthy and prosperous life.

As per astrology, it is said that red coral gemstone averts all the malefic events that are being caused due to the malefic mars. As per Coral stone astrology, this gemstone is said to be favorable for a person who has Manglik Dosh or not getting married due to various hurdles in life. This gemstone is also favorable for the individuals who have a high aggression level.


Q. Benefits of Red Coral ?

Wearing the red coral gemstone can provide huge benefits. It not only helps the wearer in overcoming his enemies but also helps him in various adverse situations. As Mars is the god of warfare, similarly this gemstone provides the required enthusiasm and courage required by the individual to surmount the obstacles. Here are many other benefits of Coral gemstone, especially red coral.

  • Gain Victory over Evil Forces: Wearing Moonga helps the wearer fight against evil and demonic powers prevailing in one’s environment such as black magic, asuri shakti or any enemies.
  • One-pointed Focus: Moonga helps sharpen one’s memory and increases the person’s focus by multiple times.
  • Get rid of Blood-related Diseases: Moonga also helps cure deadly blood infections such as anemia, leukemia and even blood cancer.
  • Happy Family: People inflicted with Manglik dosha, mostly suffer from disturbed family life with frequent quarrels and disputes. Thus, wearing red-colored Moonga, helps resolve the family troubles and strengthen the familial bond of love, care and concern.
  • Be Fresh forever: Moonga also helps a person overcome lazy attitude and restlessness, hence, remain fresh and active always!

Though Moonga provides endless benefits but one must refer a gemstone expert before wearing Moonga since it can be worn with a variety of metals to increase its intensity.

Q. Who should Wear Red Coral ?

  • Career: Red coral traps positive vibes of the planet Mars, which results in enhanced self-confidence and will power of the wearer. It enhances the ability to focus in order to perform his responsibilities well and makes the native action-oriented. Hence, this gemstone is preferable for administrative workers, doctors, players, etc. as it saves them from any distractions and brings consistency in their professional lives.
  • Health: Mars is known for its enraged and eruptive nature; which, if not controlled appropriately in one’s horoscope, can lead to burning injuries and accidents. Red Coral or Moonga can minimize these ill-effects and can save the native from any accidents or operations that can lead to blood loss. With the help of this gemstone, people suffering from cancer or any other blood related diseases such as anemia, piles, menstrual disorders, etc. can also be relieved from their long prevailing sickness.
  • Marriage: The Mars represents the younger brother in a family. If Mars is not framed correctly, it can harm the peace within a family and cause tension due to anger and brawls. Apart from this, one can also get rid of his/her ‘mangalik dosh’ with the help of this capable stone; which, as per Hindu mythology, plays a crucial role in a match-making or marriage. Red Coral is also advised to women as it protects them from widowhood and improves the sexual desires.
  • Life: Red coral attracts positive energies and helps a person focus harder on their goals. This gemstone not only brings good luck, but also opens the possibility of prospective ventures. It saves the native from bad companionship and aggressiveness, enabling him to maintain a peaceful and comfortable environment.

Q. How to Wear Red Coral ?

As I already mentioned that red coral stones are fragile and breakable that is why extra care should be taken while wearing this gemstone.

  • Buy red coral stone only from a legitimate gem store and the stone should be of high quality because wearing a low quality gemstone will not provide any favorable results to the wearer
  • After this put the ring in a red cloth and before you wear the ring, make sure to burn five incense sticks and round it five times around the ring. After doing this recite the following mantra for 108 times, ॐ अं अंगारकाय नम:.
  • Wear the red coral ring on the third finger of the hand and clean it on a regular basis for securing the best astrological benefits out of this magical ring.
  • The most appropriate weight for red coral or moonga is 5 to 9 carats and the best variety of this gemstone is Japanese and Italian coral (moonga).
  • The best metals to wear this gemstone are gold or copper and can be worn as necklace, bracelets or earrings. However, wearing coral in the form of a ring or pendant is considered highly beneficial.

Q. When to Wear Red Coral ?

Red Coral is a powerful gemstone that should be worn on Tuesday during Shukla Paksha or as recommended by your astrological expert. This stone can majorly impact the life of an individual and that is why one should wear this gemstone on a suitable day as suggested by an astrologer for maximum benefit. One should wake up early in the morning as the ring should be worn within one hour of sunrise. This gemstone can be set in copper or gold after evaluating the suitability of this metal for a native’s kundli.

  • It is important to immerse the ring in Ganga Jal or Sacred water before wearing this gemstone. This is so because red coral has several toxic elements that confines its functionality. That is why putting it into sacred water washes away all the impurities sticking to it.

Precautions and care:

In addition to following the above steps of wearing red coral it is also important to clean it properly. For this one has to make sure to clean this gemstone only with a sponge or a soft cloth because putting anything hard on this stone can damage the quality of this stone. Keeping in mind the importance of Coral gemstone, make sure to use it while cleaning. Its quality can be damaged if it comes in contact with harmful chemicals such as nitrogen, ammonia etc. So it is advised to wear after applying makeup or perfumes as this may damage the stone.

Red Coral is symbolic of Mangal, which gives it immense power and aggression in its very nature. That is why one needs to make sure that they only obtain a certified coral gemstone from an authentic source followed by wearing it in the right manner. An individual can get in touch with Pandit Pawan Kaushik to know the right way of wearing it as per his/her Kundali and Planetary conditions. You can book an appointment online or visit the office in Gurgaon for a personalized solution.

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