The Red coral or Moonga, is composed of magnesium calcium carbonate and is a naturally occurring gemstone just like a pearl stone. This amazing gemstone is obtained from deep sea water and grows on underwater plants known as reefs. This red coral gemstone is quite fragile in nature with a hardness or rigidness of around 3.5 on the Mohs scale. Unfortunately, due to the increasing population and global warming, the reefs of red coral are dying which may result in complete depletion of this stone in the future.

This red stone is ruled by the blazing planet, Mars (also known as the Red Planet). Mars represents bravery, fearlessness and courage. Apart from this, ‘this Lord of Wars’ also governs any stability/instability in marital life. If the Mars is not well positioned, one can suffer from various obstacles such as lack of confidence, unaccomplished dreams and poor concentration. Wearing this deep red colour gemstone can instill courage and confidence in the wearer, only in the span of a couple of months. It holds the capability to reverse the evil effects of this planet and retain the positive ones; resulting in a healthy and prosperous life.

As per astrology, it is said that red coral gemstone averts all the malefic events that are being caused due to the malefic mars. As per Coral stone astrology, this gemstone is said to be favorable for a person who has Manglik Dosh or not getting married due to various hurdles in life. This gemstone is also favorable for the individuals who have a high aggression level.