Also known as ‘the emperor of gems’ or a ‘women’s best friend’, diamonds are associated with the planet of love, Venus. Venus is the brightest planet after the Sun and Moon and is believed to be related with the desires of humans. A strong Venus brings name, fame and artistic quality in one’s life. Diamond is believed to remove all the obstacles caused by malefic Venus and transforms a troubled life into a comfortable and blissful one. It enhances positive energy of the planet and assures harmonious and a long-lasting marriage along with mental as well as physical well-being of the wearer.

According to Vedic Astrology, if one wears the right gemstone, it gives them relief from the problems that they might be facing in their life. Gemstones are miraculous and influence the impact of the 9 planets on a person’s horoscope. Every planet is represented by a different gemstone. Venus is the planet of love and is represented by the shiny and spectacularly dazzling Diamonds.

  • There is a reason why the rings that are exchanged during the engagement ceremony are always studded with diamonds. Diamond represents Venus which is the planet that enhances emotions like love, compassion, care, commitment and coordination. That is why this gemstone is majorly recommended to those who are dealing with marriage issues. It is a gemstone that ends the problems like over-anxiety. A person who wears diamond always remains calm and composed. Anger is the root cause of most of the problems. Diamond controls the aggression of a person and thus prevents them from harming their ownselves.