In a time where more and more people are moving out of their homes and into rented houses for so many different reasons, there is a growing concern for Vastu compliance. You see, homeowners have the liberty to modify their homes to add or reduce features in order to make it comply with Vastu Shastra.

However, renters and/or tenants do not enjoy this liberty as they need to take the permission and approval of the homeowner.

Believe it or not, Vastu is not only a concern for homeowners alone, but it has also become an important factor in making a decision for renters as well. So if you are renting a home and are worried about the residential Vastu not being according to you, here is some quick tips for Vastu Shastra of a rented home.

What to Check for Vastu in a Rented Home?

  • The most important aspect of a rented home is the direction of the main entrance. The best option for the main entrance is North-East direction, followed by northwest, east, north, and then west.
  • You must avoid homes with entries from south, south-east, and southwest entries.
  • While checking out a home for rent, make sure that the kitchen is in the Southeast direction, as that is the direction of the Lord Agni or the fire element. The second best placement for the kitchen is northwest.
  • The kitchen should also not be placed above or below a bedroom, a toilet, or a prayer room.
  • Kitchens, shoe racks, or toilets should not be in the northeast direction.
  • For the master bedroom of the home, make sure that it is placed in the southwest direction. However, if you can check or ask, make sure that the bedroom is not made above or below a kitchen.
  • Only go for buildings or houses that are rectangular or square in shape. Irregular shapes or cuts and extensions in the shape of the house are always a big no.
  • A home with a balcony in the southwest direction is going to be a bad choice.
  • In case the home is a duplex, staircases in the north-east direction should always be avoided.

Common Tips to Improve the Vastu of a Rented Home:

  • Have a prayer room in the house, preferably in the Northeast direction. Before moving into the house, make sure that you perform a Sri Ganesh Puja and Grah Shanti Puja to get the positive energies flowing in the house.
  • Do not have a bare wall in front of the entrance of the house. Place a statue of Lord Ganesha or a Shri Yantra on this wall.
  • Fix all the leaky pipes of the rented home or put in the request with the homeowner that they are repaired. Wastage of water is similar to wasting good and positive energy.
  • Never have any sort of clutter in the house. If something does not have a use for it, it is better to get rid of it instead of letting it occupy space in your home and collect negative energy.
  • Do not leave the Southwest direction empty. If there is something heavy in your possession like an almirah or beds, move them to the southwest direction.
  • Put up a Spider Plant in your home to get rid of the negative energies in your home.
  • Make sure that you sleep with your head in the south direction and your feet in the north direction. Also, while you sleep, cover any reflective surfaces like mirror and TV.
  • Keep the corners clean and bright in the house for the best results.

Vastu is an indispensable part of our lives as it makes or breaks the happiness and prosperity of a person and his/her family. Even if you are moving into a rented home, make sure that the Vastu of the place favours you. For more information and tips, meet the top Vastu consultant in Gurgaon, Pandit Pawan Kaushik. With over 25 years of experience in the field, Pandit Pawan Kaushik is an expert at providing effective, zero destruction Vastu Shastra consultation and is now also available directly on call.