People who are into marriage astrology or have ever talked to an astrologer about it know that apart from the birth chart, a native also has a Navamsa Chart. What is the Navamsa Chart? A Navamsa Chart is obtained by dividing a house or a sign in a person’s horoscope into 9 equal parts due to which also known as D9 chart. The name “Navamsa” itself means 9 divisions and is an accurate representation in itself of what a Navamsa Chart looks like.

With that cleared up, the next question is, what is the Navamsa Chart used for? Navamsa Chart is often used to draw out a minute analysis of the details of a person’s life and future, which includes their lifestyle, their character traits, and most importantly, their married life.

How does this happen? Let’s take a look at how the Navamsa Chart works.

Basics of Navamsa(D-9) Chart:

A Kundli is divided into 360 degrees, much like a circle itself, where every sign or house of the Kundli takes up about 30 degrees. When we divide a house or a sign into further 9 parts, each and every part spans for about 3 degrees and 20 minutes.

Now when we do the same division with time for both, the Birth chart (Kundli) and for the Navamsa Chart, we will observe something important. For the Birth Chart, the positions or the Lagna of the planets do not change for about 2 hours.

So does that mean that everyone born in the span of these 2 hours has the same personality? No.

Because dividing 2 hours into 9 parts, we get the Navamsa Chart, which gives us the changes of Lagna every 13 to 14 minutes, thus deciding the major changes in a person’s life at the time of their birth.

The Use and Importance of Navamsa Chart

The Navamsa Chart is a detailed analysis of your own birth chart, which means that whatever is there in your Kundli, it has a detailed description of that in your Navamsa Chart. It is an important chart that is checked before each and every event in a person’s life in order to provide detailed analysis or prediction to the native. The Shastras, ancient scriptures of India have mentioned the importance of Navamsa by making them essential for every prediction.

One of the most important uses of the Navamsa Chart is in marriage astrology. It is the most important aspect of determining the happiness of a married couple and the overall sense of belonging in their married life.

For a person, their Navamsa Chart will decide their contribution to the growth of the family, their compatibility with his/her spouse, and whether or not there will be a delay in their marriage. In case there is going to be a delay in a person’s marriage, the Navamsa Chart also gives the answer to stop the delay in the marriage.

In short, a Navamsa chart is a more detailed and important part of a person’s life as it determines some of the most basic traits and lifestyle predictions for them.

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