In terms of Vedic Astrology, there are 9 celestial bodies, the Navagraha, that decide the course of all of our lives. The placement and interactions of these planets eventually decide what events will happen in our lives and what their effect will be on our future. Attached with the energies of all these planets is their own gemstone, a part of their energy that a person can wear.

These gemstones can be advised for almost anything, whether it is for bringing luck and happiness or for relief from negative energies in life. But what are these 9 planets and their associated gemstones? Why are they placed together, and what benefit will a person get from wearing one of these? This article discusses this connection in detail.

Gemstones Associated With Navagraha or the 9 Planets and their Benefits:

  • Sun – Ruby A rather beautiful red stone that perfectly captures the radiance of the sun, Ruby is similarly powerful as the giant star. Rubies are prescribed to people when the sun in their horoscope is in a debilitated position or is afflicted by other planets. Wearing a ruby strengthens the sun thus giving a person power and success.

  • Moon – Pearl Much like the moon, a pearl is one of the most adored gems in the world. With effects like resisting anger and stopping overthinking, Pearls are generally given to children to help their imagination and creativity. Apart from this, pearls are also prescribed to people who are facing anxieties, depression, and psychiatric problems.

  • Mars – Red Coral Red Coral or Munga is often closely associated with the red planet and is usually prescribed when Mars is weak or conjoined by powerful and malefic planets like Rahu, Ketu, Saturn and the Sun. Wearing a Red Coral helps in combating inferiority complex and fearfulness while giving courage and force, as these are the qualities of a strong Mars in a horoscope.

  • Mercury – Emerald Emerald, and likewise Mercury, is often the biggest contributor in the success of a number of businessmen. Both of these provide a person with power, intelligence and knowledge. Especially when the planet of Mercury is conjoined with malefic planets like Rahu, Ketu and Saturn, emeralds can do wonders in a person’s horoscope.

  • Jupiter– Yellow Sapphire Jupiter, the planet that rules our wealth, wisdom, children, and marriage, holds a number of important aspects of a person’s life in its hand, especially when it comes to females. Yellow sapphire is recommended to people with a malefic presence of Rahu, Ketu and Saturn with Jupiter, so problems like delay in marriage, childlessness, and lack of wealth or fortune can be countered.
  • Venus – Diamond Easily one of the more rare stones in the world, diamonds have the privilege of being attached to Venus, the planet that affects our love life, our career, and our health. Needless to say, Diamonds are considered to be the most powerful gemstones in Vedic Astrology. Diamond creates job opportunities, keeps marital life happy and peaceful, and keeps diseases like diabetes and diseases of the reproductive system away.

  • Saturn – Blue Sapphire Related to one of the angriest planets in the Nagraha, Blue Sapphires are both popular and notorious; it can do wonders if worn correctly, but affect negatively if it does not suit a person. Blue Sapphires can bring good luck, wealth, name and fame, victories in important court cases, and victory over enemies as well.
  • Rahu – Hessonite Hessonite or Gomed is a powerful and essentially important gemstone in the times of Rahu Mahadasha. Wearing Hessonite will bring an end to the confusion in a person’s mind and give more power and clarity for decision making.
  • Ketu – Cat’s Eye Cat’s eye gemstone has found its importance in Hindu Mythology and has proven that it deserves the attention. The cat’s eye is essentially favourable for people who wish to end the state of a malefic presence of a planet conjoined with Ketu and bring courage and force in their life. It eradicates the unnecessary fear of snakes and is helpful in the condition of anorexia or loss of interest in food.

Gemstones are powerful tools of Vedic Astrology as they have been a part of the Indian culture for millennia now. With the access of these stones available to the local public now, gemstones have made prosperity possible for everyone.

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