From time immemorial, people have been offering water to the Sun as a part of the morning ritual. Be it is a hermit, businessperson, or woman, all practise Surya kriya. It is mostly perceived as a religious custom, but it goes beyond this and has astrological and medical relevance too.

Offering water to the Sun in the morning or performing Surya kriya has many benefits to a person performing the kriya concerning medical, astrological, health, and material privileges. This practice, when performed in the morning, brings positive changes in one’s life.

Let us take a look at the perks that offering water to the Sun beget in a person’s life:

  • When you pour water, the rays of the Sun get refracted and fall on your body. These rays help to activate body chakra and provide health benefits to internal organs of the body.
  • Reciting Gayatri mantra while offering water helps in eliminating miseries in life, leading to mental peace.
  • Sun is considered as the soul of the universe and destroyer of tam (darkness) in Hindu mythology. By performing Sun salutation people worship the Sun, seeking its blessing to destroy the evil inside and in the world
  • The Sun Lord is pleased by water offering and bestows you with growth, progress, wealth, and prosperity.
  • It also blesses one with educational growth and career advancement. The Sun is believed to grant universal knowledge and guide one to follow the righteous path.
  • The warmth and positivity of morning Sun rays keep you energised and optimistic for the whole day.
  • Lord Sun is believed to kill darkness, which is also symbolic of struggles and obstacles. Offering water to Sun in the morning pleases him, and he removes obstacles in your path, also granting you with endurance and strength to succeed in life.
  • Sun salutation is a way to overcome the five sins according to mythology, which are kaam, krodh, moh, lobh, and ahankar. Overcoming these makes the pathway to salvation or moksha.
  • The Sun also grants peace and prosperity at home to the person offering him water in the morning.
  • Performing Sun salutation harmonises mind, body, and spirit, thus, creating balance and contentment within.
While offering water to the Sun, some rules must be obeyed:
  • Use a copper vessel to offer water to the Sun or pour water with joined palms.
  • Do not look directly to the Sun while offering water; see the rays through pouring water.
  • Chant Om Suryaya Namah while performing Sun salutation.

The Sun is the universal source of energy and supreme among all the planets. Offering water to the Sun brings miraculous changes to a person’s life. The Sun has absolute power over other planets, and when pleased, it mitigates doshas created by other planets.

That said, there are certain specific impacts of the Sun on an individual based on the horoscope and placement of the planets. Consult the famous astrologer in Gurgaon to understand the effect of planetary position in your life and solutions to transform them to achieve success and happiness. Good Luck!