Eclipses are one of the essential areas of study according to astrology as they are related to two major astronomical objects- the Moon and the Sun. As per astrological texts, eclipses are not the sole domain of the Sun and the Moon; they can happen in relation to other planets as well. However, solar and lunar eclipses are regarded as major ones because they can affect one’s life, unlike other eclipses. Nevertheless, an important thing to note here is they only have effects if the eclipse takes place on a sensitive point in a person’s horoscope or an entity.

There are at least four eclipses in a year, but there can be more depending on the transition of the Moon and the Sun. In the year 2020, there will be 6 eclipses, which will be observed in different parts of the world. So, here is everything you need to know about the

10th January

People can witness the first eclipse of the year on 10th January. It is a penumbral lunar eclipse and could be seen in most parts of Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, America, and some part of South America. Also, the eclipse is visible in all the oceans, including Indian.

5th June

The eclipse will be a penumbral lunar eclipse and will be visible in much of Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, Africa, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, and Antarctica

21st June

The first solar eclipse of the year will be witnessed on 21st June. However, it will be an annular solar eclipse which will be visible in India, other parts of Asia, Northern part of Australia, most part of Africa, SE Europe, and the Indian Ocean

4-5th July

The lunar eclipse on the day will not be visible from the Indian subcontinent but can be seen in parts from the Indian Ocean.

29-30st November:

The last lunar eclipse of the year will be seen between 29th to 30th November but will be partially visible from India.

14th December:

The last eclipse of the year will be seen on 14th December, and it will be a solar eclipse. It is a total lunar eclipse. This corresponds with a new beginning and opportunities. However, it will not be visible from India as it will occur during night as per IST.

These are the solar and lunar eclipses of 2020 as per Vedic Astrology. Each of these eclipses has various positive or negative effects, depending on the significators, kundali of an individual, and other conditions. In order to understand the effect of the eclipses on your horoscope, you can contact pt. Pawan Kaushik. He has extensive knowledge of these phenomena and is well-versed in determining the impact of these events on the life of an individual.