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What Does The Twitching In Your Left and Right Eye Mean?

Imagine you are just going by your day and suddenly one of your eyes begin to twitch; your eyelids begin to shake and move to the limits that it starts to bother you. There you are, standing and wondering what does this mean? The twitching of an eye can mean a number of different things depending on which eye it is and your gender. This article talks about the meaning of twitching in different eyes and how the twitch in the left eye should be interpreted.

What is Twitching/Blinking of Eyes?

Twitching of eyes can be understood as the jerking motion that the eyelids or the eyebrows give to the region surrounding them, such that it is an instant discomfort in the eye. Twitching is said to be caused by a number of reasons in science, but in Indian astrology, twitching of eye is often related to some sort of 6th sense that signals the onset of an event. This event can either be auspicious or inauspicious, depending on a number of conditions.

What Is The Meaning of a Twitching/Blnking Right Eye?

When someone feels a twitch in their right eye, it can mean different things for different genders. If you are a man with his right eye blinking involuntarily, it is a sign that something auspicious about to happen, especially in the professional life of an individual. However, when the right eye twitches for a woman, the primary inference is often made that the woman is facing difficulties in almost all sectors of life. This can also mean issues in work and performance of general duties.

What is the Meaning of a Twitching/Blinking Left Eye?

For males, when their left eye twitches, it is often the indication of something inauspicious going on in their life or the arrival of bad news in their life. While for females, twitching in their left eye can be an indication of an auspicious event that is set into motion. It is also often related to oncoming good news in their life.

Twitching of Specific Regions

When the outer area of the upper right eyelid twitches, it is often an indicator or a good omen of something positive about to happen. When talking about the left eye, the inner part of the lower eyelid is also considered auspicious. It is said to bring some good news your way.

Similarly, when the outer part of the upper left eyelid twitches, it is considered bad luck. Another inauspicious event occurs when the inner part of the lower right eyelid twitches.

Good luck and bad luck are the powers that guide a person in the event of his/her life and that is why it is important to get down to the details of the twitch while taking gender into account as well. Mixing things up can really take you to a whole different way. For more information on your fortune and luck, the top Astrologer in Gurgaon, Pandit Pawan Kaushik is providing great ways to re-design your life using Astrology, gemstone, and Vastu Shastra. Book an appointment today.

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