One of the biggest problems in the current world of rising prices and high standard of living is the rise of debts amongst people. Be it a loan from a bank or simply the debt on your credit card, owing someone money is not a great phase of life, no matter what form it comes in. The stress of meeting end- needs, along with paying the debt off is creating a number of other issues in the lives of people of all age and strata alike.

Making money is a large concern in people today, but to make enough money to stay clear or pay off debts is what everyone wants. What a lot of people don’t realize is that success, contentment, and fortune are very closely linked with the energies around a person. All these qualities are often closely linked to the Vastu of a place that a person lives and grows in. So, here are some effective Vastu remedies to help people come out of debts and to re-establish the financial stability in their life.

How Can Vastu Help to Get Rid of Debts?
  • Sleeping Direction : The best thing that a person can do while in debt or under a financial crunch is to start sleeping in a room that is in the southwest direction. This is because the Southwest direction in Vastu is related to the element of Earth and is ruled by the planet Rahu. Both factors are known to increase the stability of the Vastu Purush.
  • Valuables and Money : Since the southwest direction is associated with stability, it is also the best option to store money, jewellery, and other valuables as well. While building a safe in this direction, make sure that the safe or the cupboard faces the north or east direction for the best effect.
  • Doors or Windows : Doors on the Southwest or Northwest direction should ideally be avoided, and especially in the case of rising debts. If in case there are doors or windows in the Southwest or Northwest direction, it will be better to keep them closed.
  • Water and North Direction : North is known to be the direction that brings in the flow of money into a person’s life. In the case of rising debts, you can make an underground water tank in the North direction and bring in a flow of cash through your house.
  • Construction : While the house is getting constructed, it is better to elevate the southwest zone of the house or to get it made with an iron angle/brick construction. This will not only secure you from any debt but will also prevent a situation in which you will be forced to sell your house to cover your debts.
  • Heavy Objects : Heavy objects of the house should not be kept in the North or East direction as these directions are often connected with the free flow of positive energy inside the house. Keeping heavy objects in these directions is often related to debt or loss.
  • Walls : If you have high walls in the Northern direction of the house, reduce their height. Instead, increase the height of the southern walls of the house, that are then inclined slightly towards the North, East, or North-East direction.
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