Windows and Doors Matter Too: Important Vastu Tips To Follow

Windows and doors contribute significantly in balancing the cosmic energies that permeate our homes. They are the gateways to the vast energies flowing in and out of your house. As such it is vital that the windows and doors in your house are in sync with Vastu rules to ensure positive energies that foster contentment and bliss. Here are a few important Vastu tips to follow:

1. Location and Orientation

Doors – The view in front of the main door must be free of any form of obstruction particularly electric poles, trees, staircases, crossroads, etc. Further, the main door must open on the inside, and it must carry pictures of Swastika, Laxmi, Om, Ganesha. However, the outside of the gate can be well decorated and appealing to the eyes to invite wealth and prosperity.

In the case of rooms, the doors should face the North-East or North or East direction.

Windows – It is advisable to place windows opposite to the door as it contributes to build and maintain a positive vibe in the house. Placing windows opposite to the doors also ensure proper natural lighting and ventilation throughout the house.

Windows and Doors Matter Too: Important Vastu Tips To Follow

2. The Numbers

The total separate count of doors and windows in a house must always be even but never 10. The best practice is to have doors and windows count in multiples of 8 like 8, 16, etc.

3. The Material

There is no shortage of options when it comes to choosing the material for doors and windows in your house. But the ideal material as per Vastu is Teak.

4. The Shape

While it is appealing to have a fancy shaped door and window, however, Vastu suggests us to follow a certain degree of uniformity and proportionality in their shape. As per Vastu, the ideal shape for doors and windows is rectangular.

5. No Creaking

Creaking or damaged doors and windows must be changed or repaired at the earliest. As per Vastu, these can have a significant impact on the peace, happiness, and well-being of the residents.

In addition to the above, you must also be careful that the doors and windows are not placed either at the center or at the extreme corners of the wall. And last but not least, windows must never face the South-West direction.

Since eternity, Vastu has played a vital role in ensuring the safety, happiness, and well-being of people and their abodes. And the tradition has only grown stronger with the expertise of some of the best Astrologers in India. Pt. Pawan Kaushik has over the years helped thousands of people in bringing positivity and happiness in their lives through Vastu. For any Vastu related queries feel free to book an appointment.