astrological tips to help you prepare for your interview

Given the increasing competition, getting into a job has become tedious. You need to undergo a lot of preparation to crack the final process of the interviews. Believe it or not, there are other factors apart from your skills and knowledge that can help you secure that dream seat for which you have been preparing your whole life. Whether you are a confident bloke or a nervous Nellie, you can bring luck in your favour by following a few simple astrology tips for an interview.

Everyone wants the best job for themselves, and to get through the stringent selection process, the preparations must start as early as possible. That is where the importance of astrological remedies for getting a job comes into play. This will help you be at your best game during an interview.

So if you are preparing for any job interview and want to get the best astrology tips for a successful interview, this blog is for you. Follow these tips laid down by the best astrologer in Gurgaon to turn luck in your favour.

Astrology Tips For Successful Interview

  • When you wake up in the morning, you must look at your hands first. It is believed that your luck is locked in your palms. Also, Vedic astrology believes that goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, fortune, and prosperity, also resides in your palm.
  • Chant Gayatri Mantra 27 times in the morning before you leave for the interview. Make the offering of a laddoo to God and eat a small piece from the offering as Prasad.
  • Another astrology tips for interview is to make sure that while you are sitting in the interview, you are either wearing a yellow shirt or have a yellow handkerchief with you.
  • Speaking of the morning, wake up and offer a mix of jaggery and water to the rising sun from a copper vessel. Ensure you do this while the sun rises and chant “Om Hreem Suryaaye Namaha” at least 11 times while you offer the water.
  • Remember Lord Ganesha before starting your day. He is known as the eradicator of all obstacles, and thus, reciting his mantra “Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha” will give you success in life.
  • Before going for an important meeting or interview, take lime in your hand and insert four cloves into it. Remembering Lord Hanuman, recite his mantra to clear interview “Om Shree Hanumate Namaha” 31 times. These astrology tips for successful interviews will help you in getting success.
  • One of the best Vedic astrologer in India also says that when you leave, ask a family member to sprinkle some grains of Moong Daal on you and sweep and throw them after you have left.
  • On a full moon night, light an earthen lamp (diya) in front of all the gods in your Mandir, coupled with some incense sticks.
  • By alternating pressing your nostrils, find out which nostril you are breathing from. You are ready for the interview when you start breathing from your right nostril. When you leave, make sure that you take the first step out of the house with your right leg.
  • Every Monday, visit Lord Shiva in his temple and offer sweet milk with rice to the idol. After this ritual, pray to the lord to clear your way to success. This job interview astrology will surely work if you do it continually.
  • Take seven different types of grains and offer them to the birds daily. This offering brings you good luck and helps you fulfil every wish you have.

These astrological remedies for getting job will definitely help you in getting success in your professional life and give you a new direction. If you want more information about these tips, get in touch with the famous astrologer in India, Pt Pawan Kaushik.

Best Vastu Tips For Success in Job Interview

Now, it’s time to go through with some Vastu tips for interviews given by the best astrologer in Gurugram.

best vastu tips for success in job interview

  • Because of the Covid chaos, everyone is opting for interviews online today. Your chances of success increase if you sit face to face or face East or Northeast.
  • While giving the interview, you should keep your table clean and not eat and drink. Objects such as biscuits and some sweets or candies can be put on your table, if possible. Blue colour wallpaper can also be used on computer or laptop screens as it is a motivational colour.
  • If you are seated in a room, do not leave the front wall empty while giving the interview. Having Ganesh Ji and Maa Saraswati idols in front of you would be excellent.
  • The majority of people are enrolled in online courses. Keep in mind that you sit straight while attending the lessons for the course and keep the table neat and tidy. If you choose to face north or northeast while making this decision, you will finish the course without any difficulties, and you will not leave the course incomplete.
  • If you want to switch jobs, take a hard copy of your resume and keep it in the Northwest angle direction. This will activate your profile, and job opportunities will start coming to you.


Jobs in this world are the avenues everyone aims at to pave the way towards success. Following these astrology tips for successful interview can turn luck in your favour. Luck and hard work can take a person to the zenith of success.

Still, if you are confused about astrology tips for interview or want to know more about this topic, contact Pt Pawan Kaushik, the best astrologer in Delhi, who is here to guide you. He will give you the best advice and tips regarding jobs, careers, and business. Book a consultation now to get a brighter future.