How can different colors affect your health?

The colors in the home, office and surroundings, and the ones you wear have a great impact on your life. According to Vastu, colors can affect your psychological, emotional as well as physical health. Since you spend a major portion of your time at home, it is important to have an appropriate balance of colors at home, to live a healthy life.

Colors For Different Directions

Each direction has a specific color, such as:

  1. North – green, pista green
  2. South – red and yellow
  3. East – white or light blue color
  4. West – Being the area for water element, the best colors are blue and white
  5. North-East – light blue color
  6. North-West – Being the area for air element, suitable colors include white, light gray and cream
  7. South-East – Being the fire zone, suitable colors include orange, pink and silver
  8. South-West – peach, mud color or light brown

Colors For Different Sections

While coloring the walls of different sections of your home, you should follow the color guidelines based on each area’s energy requirements, size and direction.

  1. Master bedroom – It should be located in the South-West direction, and should be painted blue.
  2. Guest room – It should be located in the North-West direction, and should be painted white.
  3. Kids’ room – The best place for kids’ room is the North-West direction, and should be painted white.
  4. Bathrooms – They should also be painted white.
  5. Home’s exterior – The most common colors that suit a majority of people include white, yellowish-white, off-white, and light mauve or orange.

Colors To Avoid

Experts in balancing energies believe that light shades are always a good choice. You should avoid using dark shades like red, brown, gray and black. Such colors represent the fiery planets like Rahu, Shani, Mars and the Sun. These colors have a high intensity and can disturb your home’s energies.

Following these color guidelines will help in keeping the energies stable and balanced, leading to a happier and healthier life.

While these are the general guidelines, certain colors might not suit every person, especially colors like black, red and pink. Therefore, you must consult a reputed and knowledgeable astrologer with your birth chart before making any color changes to your home.

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