The Science behind Gun Milan for Marriage

In this modern era, people look for compatibility in area of interest, living standards, communication and life choices. Still there is no guarantee that their marriage will last forever. As per astrology, the only thing that can predict success or failure of marriage is Kundali Milan. It is believed that a couple will lead a happy life if their kundali matches.

Not Everyone is Aware of Its Importance

A large section of people believe in the importance of matching kundali before marriage but there is still a section of people who do not believe in the science of Gun Milan or kundali milan. As per astrologers, it is really important to match the kundalis before proceeding for marriage.

How are the Kundalis Matched?

An astrologer looks into the birth chart to perform a detailed analysis of the planetary positions and their movements. It helps them to predict the traits of an individual’s personality from the positions of the stars in the horoscope. If a couple is predicted to stay together for the entire life then their planets and stars will surely make an impact on their destinies as well. So, the astrologer analysis the stars position to judge the level of a couple’s compatibility after marriage.

There are total eight gunaas that are calculated for matching two kundalis. Every gunaa holds its own importance and the total of these eight gunaas is 36. For compatibility, a minimum of 18 gunna should match.

Importance of Kundali Milan

The major reason behind matching kundalis is to ensure that the couple will live a happily married life. Even the love marriage specialists have stated that gun milan is very important if you want to life a happy and peaceful life. By matching kundalis, the nature and behaviour of both the individuals can be predicted through planetary position of the native’s horoscope. By this it is possible to gain a idea about how your married life is going to be and what challenges you may face after your marriage.

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