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Vastu tips for Pooja room

A Pooja room is not only a sacred place but also a cosmic antenna that is full of positive energies and vibes that no matter what emotional or mental state we are in, entering the room makes us feel positive and protects us from all kinds of negative energies.

Here is a quick guide and certain rules which one must follow before designing and placing idols in a Pooja room.

  • The best direction to build a Pooja room is North-East direction because North-East direction receives the most beneficial energies of Sun, therefore it is full of positive energies.
  • The portraits of God should face the West direction and the person offering prayers should face the East direction.
  • Pooja room should not be located on the ground floor of your house, or not in the basement or on the upper floors.
  • The base level of Pooja room or the idols should be placed at a considerable height from the ground. As when the idol or portrait of the god is placed on it, the base of the idol or portrait should be at the level of an adult’s chest.
  • The god’s idol or portrait that is placed in the temple should be of a particular size. Generally the acceptable size in Vastu Shastra is 10 inches. An idol bigger than that is considered to be highly inauspicious. Similarly, if it is smaller than 9 inches, the vibrations of the idol don’t seem to coincide with that of the temple as perfectly as they should. So one should keep in mind the height of the idol while installing the temple.
  • Avoid keeping too many idols in Pooja room as crowded pooja room is equal to cluttered space which does harbor positive energies.
  • Avoid placing photographs of your ancestors in your Pooja room.
  • Walls of the Pooja room should preferably be painted in colors like white, light blue or light yellow because light colors help keep the space bright, while dark and loud shades can be a distraction.
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