The planet, Jupiter (Brahaspati) is associated with intellect, divinity and marital bliss. Pukhraj Stone, a precious gemstone helps annul the negative effect of dislocation of Jupiter (Brahaspati) in one’s kundli (horoscope).

Top 5 Benefits of wearing Pukhraj Stone:

  • Spiritual Growth :Pukhraj Stone is related to wisdom and knowledge; hence, wearing this precious gemstone helps a personal grow on the path of spirituality and attain moksha (enlightenment).
  • Antidote for Delay in Girl’s Marriage : A female experiencing delay in marriage due to unwanted reasons is advised to wear Pukhraj Stone as this gemstone aids in finding a perfect suitor.
  • Great Wealth : Wearing Pukhraj Stone favors the inflow of massive wealth in a person’s life.
  • Favorable for Women : Pukhraj Stone is a female’s most loyal friend as it favors a happy married life full of love, understanding, trust and compatibility among the partners.
  • Get Rid of Physical Ailments : The twin of Red Ruby and Blue Sapphire, Pukhraj Stone helps resolve many health issues associated with liver, lungs and throat.

Also known as Gururatna, Pukhraj Stone has numerous advantages but one must take an expert advice from a gemstone consultant before wearing it as it comes in various shapes, sizes and colors. To know more about gemstones, refer