Cat’s Eye or Lehsunia Stone, which comes in various shades of green and yellow; helps one overcome the negative effect of yet another shadow planet, Ketu. Wearing Cat’s Eye (Lehsunia Stone) at the prescribed time as suggested by gemstone consultants, produces good results.

When to Wear Cat’s Eye (Lehsunia Stone)?

Cat’s Eye or Lehsunia Stone must be worn on Tuesdays soon after sunrise during Shukla Paksha.

How to Wear Cat’s Eye (Lehsunia Stone)?

  • Ring :Cat’s Eye or Lehsunia Stone should be worn as ring. The ring must touch the wearer’s skin.
  • Right Finger : Lehsunia ring must be worn in the middle or ring finger of the working hand (right-handed people should wear the stoned ring in right hand while left-handed people are advised to wear it in left hand).
  • Ideal Weight : Minimum weight of Cat’s Eye or Lehsunia Stone must be 7 Carats (1400 mgs).
  • Method Followed :
    • Take an early morning bath and dip the stoned ring in cow’s milk or gangajal for 10 minutes.
    • Next, chant the below mantra (108 times) and wear your stone.
“Aum Ketave Namah”

After wearing this powerful gemstone, one must clean it with soft brush and soapy water every day as even a pinch of dust can reduce the stone’s efficiency. For more information regarding gemstones, refer