Venus, the planet of love and beauty is also associated with good luck, success on professional front and loving relationships. Heera, the King of Gemstones helps neutralize the negative effect of Venus (Shukra) on a person’s health, wealth, well-being and fortune.

Top 5 Benefits of wearing Heera:

  • Live a Life full of Riches:Wearing Heera brings in immense wealth in a person’s life making his life full of riches and luxuries.
  • Reach the Heights of Success: Heera helps a person in the professional growth, particularly, the ones in the entertainment (music, television or cinematic) industry.
  • Enjoy the Strong Bond of Love: Heera is one such gemstone which nurtures seeds of love, trust and belongingness among the family members, especially among the partners.
  • Appealing Female Beauty: This precious gemstone enhances a woman’s beauty along with fair complexion and sharp features.
  • Sharp and Focused Mind: Heera activates both right and left parts of brain, which in turn helps in improved concentration.

Despite countless benefits of Heera, one is required to consult a gemstone specialist before wearing Heera as its different forms produce different impact on a person’s life. Wearing a wrong shape, size or color of Heera can lead to severe irreparable losses. For more information regarding gemstones, refer