Diamond, the most precious gemstone is linked with sharp intellect, professional success, good fortune and improved interpersonal relationships. The planet of beauty and love- Venus is associated with this “Lord of gemstones” and its dislocation in one’s kundli (horoscope) leads to defamation and severe financial losses.

5 Major Advantages of Diamond

  • Imbibe Good Values : Wearing Diamond helps the wearer harbor good virtues of compassion, sympathy, love, peace and feeling of oneness.
  • Climb the Ladder of Success :Diamond helps a person develop confidence, good communication skills and leadership qualities, which in turn favors his/her career growth.
  • Strengthen the Bond of Love and Care : This most precious gem strengthens the bond of love, care and concern among the near and dear ones, especially among spouses.
  • Activated Mind : Wearing Diamond activates the brain cells and sharpens memory.
  • Mesmerizing Beauty : Females are suggested to wear Diamonds so as to enhance their beauty (both inner and facial).

Apart from innumerable benefits of Diamonds, one must take special care while wearing it since Diamonds of different shapes, sizes and colors have different effect on a person’s life. For more information about precious and semi-precious gemstones, refer Pt. Pawan Kaushik