Blue Sapphire is a precious gemstone that nullifies the malefic effect of the planet, Saturn. An individual experiencing havoc in life (physical illness, failing career, financial loss, family dispute etc) due to the displacement of Saturn in the horoscope is suggested to wear blue sapphire.

Top 5 Benefits of wearing Blue Sapphire

  • Improved Health : Blue Sapphire helps improve digestion and metabolism of the body which in turn gives the real boost to your energy levels; making you a lot more physically active.
  • Financial Gain: Blue Sapphire is the most powerful gemstone that favors the inflow of wealth in plenty, especially for people who are in import and export business.
  • Keeps away the Evil Eye: Wearing blue sapphire wards off the evil eye of enemies and keeps all sorts of danger at bay.
  • Enhances Personality: Blue Sapphire helps boost a person’s confidence and makes him/her more focused, hard-working and decisive which eventually helps in gaining better career opportunities.
  • Spiritual Awakening: For people who are spiritually inclined, wearing Blue Sapphire proves an ultimate boon since it makes a person more committed on this path.

Though Blue Sapphire helps annul the negative effect of Saturn but care should be taken as it can cause catastrophic effect if worn without an expert guidance. For a specialized advice, refer (pawan kaushik site link).