5 Vastu Tips for a Peaceful Life

There are times when we feel wretched about the way our life is shaping. Does it often happen to you that you feel like screaming out loud for easing out your pain? Today’s hectic routine is filled up to brim with commitments and schedules that one ought to fulfill. As a consequence, this entire pillar-to-post running takes away our peace of mind. Every human desires a calm and serene mind. Do you know that Vastu Shastra, the popular architectural science, is equipped with ways that can bring clarity of mind in your life?

The ancient science of Vastu Shastra believes that every house, including our workplace, leaves a strong impact on our mind. It either brings us closer to serenity or takes us towards a very discontented zone. According to Pandit Pawan Kaushik who provides the best Vastu services in Delhi, ‘South-direction is believed to be the zone where one experiences utmost peace and relaxation’. Today, anxieties, stress and displeasure surround the lives of family members and at such an hour, everyone wants a motivational force that can help them overcome their problems. Vastu Shastra can provide that much-needed relief to people experiencing pangs of stress in their lives and disharmony in relationships.

Balance the elements in South for reducing stress

The element of South is fire. Peace can never reside in a place where Fire and Water live in the same zone. It is advised that any water elements such as aquariums, overhead or underground tanks, pictures that depict waterfalls, rivers or oceans must be removed from the South zone. Placing any water elements in this direction disturbs the peace and harmony of the house.

Add shades of Red to the South

The colour of fire is red. According to Vastu Shastra, one must decorate the Southern zone of the house with shades of red. One can keep red flowers, use red bedsheets or beautify the corner with red-coloured items. Painting the wall red or hanging red curtains can also restore the lost peace and serenity of the house.

Remove Spiritual Books from South

The South-West part of the house is said to the area of ‘disposal and wastage’. If you have kept any spiritual books in this direction or if you meditate here, it is strictly advised that you must stop any spiritual activity in this zone as it affects the mental clarity. Meditation or Spiritual reading must always be performed in the North-East direction.

Place the pictures of ancestors in the South

According to Vastu Shastra, South-west direction is ruled by Pitru and hence, it is auspicious to place pictures or photographs of our ancestors on the South-West wall of the house (especially living room/dining room).

Balance the Entry of energies from the South

Although, main entrance on the south should be avoided but if you want to place the main entrance on the South wall, then it is auspicious to locate the door in South-East. Strictly avoid placing the door at center of the South wall or on the South-West. Also, if you decide to place the main door in the South, then it’s mandatory to have another door in the North to balance out the energies.

In this fast moving world where stress and worries sometimes surround us from all sides, the above simple Vastu tips can once again bring back clarity of mind, peace and tranquility in your lives.