We usually associate the date of birth with zodiac signs oblivious to the fact that the date on which we are born also indicates our ‘Life Path’. Life Path is the number obtained from the summation of date, month and year of a person’s birth. For example, if a person was born on June 6, 1996, then his/her Life Path comes out to be-

June (6) +Date (6) + Year (1996) = 6+6+1996= 2008= 2+8= 10=1+0=1 (Note: Add the numbers till the sum reduces to a single digit.) So, in the above case, Life Path is ‘1’.

Similarly, there are nine Life Paths, numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. Each Life Path indicates a person’s positive and negative traits along with his strength and weaknesses. Also, it represents a person’s goal in life. Below is listed a table for all the Life Paths with the positive and negative qualities afflicted with a particular Life Path.

Life Path Positive Traits Negative Traits Goal in Life
Life Path Number ‘1’ They are super-energetic, focused and are good leaders They are short-tempered, judgmental and headstrong. To be financially independent and self-reliant.
Life Path Number ‘2’ They are empathetic towards others and are down to earth with honesty as their strength. They are shy, over-emotional and unprofessional in their approach. To learn skills of cooperation.
Life Path Number ‘3’ They have sharp intellect and a very creative mind. They are attention-seekers and spend a lot of money on unwanted things. To be happy and make others happy.
Life Path Number ‘4’ They are good at making strategies and its execution. Also, they are laborious and faithful towards work. They are narrow-minded and don’t enjoy life to the fullest. To be a self-made world-renowned personality.
Life Path Number ‘5’ They are all-rounder, quick-witted and practical in their approach towards life. They live a wild-lifestyle and manipulate others for their own good. To be a revolutionary.
Life Path Number ‘6’ They are truthful, faithful and promote peace and harmony among the fellow beings. They are over-eaters and remain in their dream world, away from reality. To take responsibility of yourself and other members of society.
Life Path Number ‘7’ They possess strong intuitive powers and are born intellectuals. They don’t invite others’ opinions, advices and have a reserved nature. To learn from life’s experiences.
Life Path Number ‘8’ They have a strong will-power and are very focused in life. They are workaholic; don’t mingle up with people easily. To be an achiever by initially setting small targets and hitting at the aim in the end.
Life Path Number ‘9’ They are very supportive, loving and caring towards others. They are at times hot-tempered and impractical in their approach. Be a God’s messenger to anyone and everyone in this world.

Hope, this article helps you take notice of your strength and weakness and let you find your life path, aims and objectives in life.