Gemstones have a tendency to not only absorb energy from its surroundings, but also retain energy of the places where it has been before and of all those people who have touched it. Since the absorbed energy can be both positive and negative, it is important to clean gemstones at regular intervals to discard any adsorbed negative energy and re-instill positive vibrations, making it effective for further use.

There are various methods to clean gemstones. The methods vary with the type of gemstone but there are certain methods that are common to all varieties of gemstones. Let’s have a look at some of these:

Cleansing the Gemstone with Water

Gently wash the stone in flowing water such as river, lake, pond etc or keep it outside for few hours in rain. This ensures absolute cleansing of the stone from all negative powers and imbibes fresh energy.

Cleansing the Gemstone with Soil

Clean the gemstone by burying it in earth (soil) for sometime (preferably one day). The pure soil will absorb all the negative energy prevailing inside the stone and revive its power to heal and cure.

Cleansing the Gemstone with Sea salt

Cleaning the stone with sea salt is one of the most preferred methods in Astrology. Seal salt immediately dispels all the absorbed negative energy and re-instills its curing properties. For this, the gemstone can be immersed in a glass of water containing sea salt for 2-3 hours.

Cleansing the Gemstone with Sun

Placing the stone in sunlight (not very bright) removes even the slightest degree of any prevailing negative energy in the gemstone. Do not keep the stone in sun for more than an hour as it can adversely alter its properties and fade its healing effect.

Cleansing the Gemstone with Melody

The sound of temple bells, wind chime and tuning fork re-instills the powers and assets of the gemstone. Play this sound for atleast 10-15 minutes daily and let your stone work wonders for you.

Cleansing the Gemstone with Glass Pyramid

Keeping the stone under glass pyramid for 3-4 days nullifies the effect of negative energy in the gemstone. A pyramid possesses strong healing powers and ensures long-life of your gemstone.

Cleansing the Gemstone with Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic Cleaner can be used to clean certain gemstones like ruby, sapphire and diamond; however it is very dangerous to use ultrasonic cleaner for porous and soft gemstones such as pearls and emerald. Consult an expert Gemstone consultant before proceeding with this method.

Gemstones are one of the most effective remedies in Vedic Astrology, hence it is very important to cleanse them time-to-time for maximum benefits. Seek help of a professional Gemstone consultant for more effective ways to ensure longevity of your precious stones.