It is scientifically proved that every object on this planet radiates energy and influences the life of humans in a certain way depending upon the vibrations that it emits; the same applies to posters and paintings as well, while the artwork enhances the aesthetic beauty of our homes, these pieces of art also affect the environs and govern our life with the emission of positive or negative energies and their placement. Below is listed, simple Vastu advice to place right paintings at the right place to have positive influence on health, wealth, prosperity and endless opportunities in life.

For attracting Wealth

Water is one of the strongest elements in Vastu Shastra. Placing paintings of flowing river, fish (preferably goldfish), waterfall or any art that represents water in the northern part of house attracts fortune and prosperity in life.

For Sharp Intellect

Placing a painting of rising sun in the East corner of house sharpens the mind of its residents, since sun is symbolic of wisdom and knowledge. Avoid any painting of sun with mountains as mountain obstructs the flow of sun’s energy, thus has an adverse effect on the family members.

For bringing Stability

Decorating Southern portion of the house with family photographs, sky-high buildings and mountains brings stability in the house and nurtures a sense of responsibility among the family members.

For Overall Growth

Hang a painting or art that depicts endless road or path in the West corner of the house. This favors the advent of new opportunities in life and promotes ceaseless growth. For Healthy Relationships Adorn your bedroom walls with paintings of a pair of hearts, birds or happy couple. This helps strengthen the bond with your spouse.

For Good Health

Hang the paintings of deer or bamboo plant in dining area, so as to possess good health. Deer is symbolic of endurance and longevity while bamboo’s tendency to remain evergreen all throughout the year favors long life of the family members and keeps the diseases at bay.

For balancing Fire element

The human body is made of five elements – Air, Water, Fire, Sky and Earth (soil). It is important to have a balance of all these five elements, for overall well-being of a human body. Place the paintings of lightened candles or lamps as these can help balancing the fire element of our body.

For Foreign Opportunities

If you are looking forward to study or work abroad or even travel to foreign lands, then, decorate your house with paintings of racing cars, running bikes. This can help you realize your dream. You can even place the paintings of your dream destination or its currency in this regard.

For Positive Energy at Home

A painting of pine tree cleanses the cosmic atmosphere of the house. It is believed to ward off any prevailing negative energy and helps maintain a positive aura.

Paintings to Avoid

One should strictly prohibit placing the paintings of crying babies, war, tragedy, sinking ships, flaming buildings and anything that depicts sorrow, grief and poverty since they augment negative vibes in house and adversely affect the well-being of the family in an irreversible way. Follow the above Vastu tips to enjoy a healthy, happy and prosperous life.