Vedic Astrology is deep rooted in our culture and it is interesting to know that today even the western countries are learning the Science and applying the rules of Vedic Astrology. According to Vedic Astrology, if one wears the right gemstone, it gives them relief from the problems that they might be facing in their life. Gemstones are miraculous and influence the impact of the 9 planets on a person’s horoscope. Every planet is represented by a different gemstone. Venus is the planet of love and is represented by the shiny and spectacularly dazzling Diamonds. Diamond is worn by people who have a weak Venus in their birth charts. Wearing the Gemstone showers favourable results on the wearer and strengthens his or her weakly positioned Venus.

Why wearing Diamond is important?

Diamond is one of the most precious gemstones and it can be worn either in rings or in pendants. The astrological benefits of wearing the diamond are:

  • Diamond sharpens a person’s memory.
  • Diamond brings out the creative and unique thoughts of a person.
  • Diamond also helps a person in reaching the heights of success.
  • Diamond ensures long lasting relationships.
  • The wearer always maintains a cordial relationship with his family and specially mother.
  • Diamond puts a full stop on depression and gloominess.
  • Diamond must be worn by people who wish to enter into the entertainment industry or in the modelling line. Wearing Diamond blesses them with fame and popularity.
  • People who deal in women products such as clothes or jewellery must also possess a diamond.

There is a reason why the rings that are exchanged during the engagement ceremony are always studded with diamonds. Diamond represents Venus which is the planet that enhances emotions like love, compassion, care, commitment and coordination. Don’t you think we need all these emotions for a successful marriage?

What are the physical benefits of wearing Diamond?

Not every Gemstone is made for you. When it comes to health, it is suggested that you must always consult an astrologer before wearing a Gemstone.

  • Diamond ends the problems like over-anxiety. A person who wears diamond always remains calm and composed.
  • Anger is the root cause of most of the problems. Diamond controls the aggression of a person and thus prevents them from harming their ownselves.
  • Diamond is a beautiful Gem that enhances the attractiveness of a person.

Though Diamond is an expensive gem but the benefits that one can derive from wearing the gem are unimaginable and priceless! It is said that- Diamonds are a women’s best friend which is not at all a wrong statement as the dazzling diamonds are meant for feminine and beauty!

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