We all adore the shiny pieces of Gems, especially Ruby, don’t we? But do you know that they are magical and bring benefits to a person who wears them? Ruby or Manik is popularly known as the ‘King of Gemstones’. This bright and shiny red gemstone has been given so much importance because of its association with the Sun. Ruby brings in liveliness in a person, gives them good health and reduces the malefic effects of the Sun. That is why it is said that wearing Ruby rectifies the adverse effects caused by the wrong placement of Sun. Manik affects the subtle energy of a person. Karma decides the fate of an individual and thus defines their course of life. However, if a person wears a Manik, they are blessed with authority, enlightenment and courage. Astrologers also recommend Ruby in cases where your natal chart has Pitar Dosh. It is essential to remove Pitar Dosh from the natal chart as it results in financial losses and destabilises a person’s profession. Ruby is also good for people who seek fame and popularity.

Some Facts about Ruby

  • Ruby is a bright red coloured gem which according to astrologers makes a person powerful and thus helps them in fighting the negative energies around them.
  • It enhances the personality of an individual and blesses them with a strong willpower and confidence.
  • It represents Sun. Wearing a Ruby brings authority and prestige to a person as Sun is the ‘Lord of the Universe’.

Significance of Ruby

  • Ruby, when worn in a ring or pendant, radiates a power that is quickly absorbed by a person which enhances their aura.
  • One must never wear a fake or weak Ruby as it can cast a negative effect on the wearer.
  • “If someone wears a gemstone that has flaws, out of ignorance, then sadness, anxiety, sickness, loss of wealth and death will torment him” – (Garuda Purana, 70.19)
  • Weakly positioned Sun creates health problems for bones, heart and if one wears a Ruby, they can easily fight the diseases related to them.

How to wear a Ruby?

  • Astrologers recommend that the Ruby must always be worn in Gold.
  • Ruby brings a lot of benefits for Aries, Sagittarius, Leo and Scorpio.
  • Ruby should be worn in Shukla Paksha on a Sunday morning, and the gem must be thoroughly purified before the wearer wears it (It must be dipped in raw milk and must be then washed with Ganga Jal)

For reaping desirable effects, a Gemstone must always be worn after consulting an Astrologer, and they must be purchased from a certified Gemologist.

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