Aquarius represents Air. This Zodiac Sign affects a person’s thoughts, ideas and freedom. Air is said to be an important element in Astrology. It facilitates the movement of ideas in an Aquarian’s mind. Aquarians are good humans and they never fake their humanitarian deeds. In 2016, August 10 is an important date for Aquarius as the Full Moon is transiting in the Zodiac Sign. Such transition will bring a lot of changes in the life of an Aquarian.

What will be the effects of Moon’s transition in Aquarius?

  • The transiting phase will infuse new and fresh energy in the Aquarians.
  • They will experience a flood of creative and out-of-the-box ideas.
  • Aquarians are immensely bold and upfront. The Moon’s transition will further make them stronger and they will be able to break off stereotypical principles in their lives.
  • An Aquarian likes being original but after August 10 they will strive hard and will try to explore the unexplored dimensions.
  • Aquarians will emerge as a new personality and their friends and family would be amazed to see so many positive changes in their personality.
  • Their communication skills would be enhanced and they would be able to convey their thoughts and ideas to the masses. To be precise, their leadership qualities will be witnessed during the transition phase.
  • When the full moon enters in the Zodiac sign, Aquarius, they will become social with people around them and this would help them in establishing a network that will surely help them in the later stages of life.
  • The Full Moon will make Aquarians attractive. So all the people who come under the Zodiac Sign must be ready for appreciations and praises!
  • The innovative and creative ideas of the Aquarians during this phase would bring for them laurels at professional front.

Why the Aquarians will indulge in humanitarian deeds during this phase?

As said earlier, Aquarians are good humans and the entrance of Full Moon will magnify this side of the Aquarians.

  • They will be a part of social events and would openly promote and motivate people to do the same.
  • They will be contributing for the welfare of people on a larger scale.
  • They will be very sensitive towards the problems of human as well as animal race.
  • They will work hard to make their lives as well as their surroundings better.
  • The Karmic deeds of the Aquarians would be appreciated by everyone after August 10.

The confidence level of the Aquarians too would be boosted during this phase and everything will happen according to the wishes of the Aquarius. The Aquarians will experience a sense of contentment and accomplishment.

Changes in Personality traits that an Aquarian will undergo

  • The Full Moon’s occurrence will bloom the personality of the Aquarian.
  • The actions of the Aquarian will have a long term effect on their life.
  • Weddings, serious commitments with respect to relationships will happen during this phase.
  • Aquarians will also become rebellious during this phase and they will break all the boundaries around them.

August 10 is an important date from the astrological point of view for the Aquarians. The good news is- Aquarians will receive and radiate positive vibes. If you are an Aquarian be ready for a positive transiting phase!

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