The third sign of the Zodiac represents the Twins! These twins are an amalgamation of the positive and negative shades of a Gemini. Geminis are known for being the wittiest sign of the Zodiac. They are full of life but experience frequent mood swings. One moment they are happy and in the other moment they can hurt a person by the sharpness of their words. Such type of behaviour of a Gemini is mainly because of the insecurity that they have deep within them which is why they are not confident people. Whether you love a Gemini, or you hate them wholeheartedly, the fact is you can never forget them. The reasons given below rightly confirm the fact.

  • They have presence of mind

    In professional as well as personal lives, Gemini is successful. This happens because they are witty, smart, take decisions quickly and moreover even when they are not working, they always like hanging out with creative and exciting people and thus indulge their free time in doing creative activities.
  • They are talkative

    Gemini love interactions. They are the people who seek communication in relationships. As they are witty and intelligent, their conversations are never dull or boring. They are innovative and therefore are always in search of new and interesting tasks. Socially, they are loved by people because of their ability to interact in an impressive way. You need to be knowledgeable if you want to impress this twin Zodiac Sign!
  • They have split personalities

    Gemini has twin sign for a reason. They have multi-personalities, and this is what defines them. They show up their side of personality according to the situation that comes up before them. The nature of their personality can vary from being extremely subtle to being ruthlessly terrible. You may hate them for such behaviour, but this side of Gemini is not fake, it is what defines them.
  • They are highly creative people

    The intellect of a Gemini is their most powerful weapon. They are multi-talented and can perform multi-tasking in their personal and professional work. Every coin has two sides! Sometimes this multi-talented side of a Gemini spoils a work as when they perform too many tasks at one time; they get confused and then struggle hard to rectify it. However, this quality of the Gemini makes them a favourite of their boss at work!
  • They are sometimes very shallow

    Gemini likes being in the limelight. For attaining this, they may even indulge in shallow activities that can be utterly superficial. This is a negative trait of Gemini. They see things superficially sometimes and do not even hesitate while passing lewd comments or judgements on people. That is why when the picture of a person is formed in the minds of a Gemini, it is hard to change it. They are also known for holding grudges for a long time which in some cases can be forever.

People born under Gemini sign are a hard nut to crack. Make sure that you never harm or hurt them because the ways through which they express their hatred or anger can be atrocious and too much for you to handle.

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