Yellow Sapphire, a precious gemstone is famous for its brightness and beauty. In Astrology, this gemstone is responsible for bringing wealth and prosperity to its wearer. Money is a necessity today without which the survival of a person is impossible. Also known as Pukhraj, the gemstone is related to the most beneficial planet of the cosmic universe- Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet that brings along with it luck, fame and wealth. Pukhraj is recommended to people who have a weak Jupiter in their birth chart.

How Yellow Sapphire is related to Marriage?

Marriage is one of the most difficult decisions of a couple’s life. A weak Jupiter can create an imbalance in relationships. It is therefore important to nullify the effect of the planet.
  • Yellow Sapphire is known for bringing harmony in relationships.
  • Problems like delay in marriage can be dealt with by wearing Pukhraj.
  • It removes problems that a female might face in the case of Child birth.
  • Yellow Sapphire can once again rekindle the lost spark of love between couples who argue or fight over petty issues.

What are the astrological benefits of wearing Pukhraj?

Pukhraj is a dazzling yellow colored gemstone and adds glitter to a person’s personality.
  • It brings financial stability in a person’s life and saves them from incurring unnecessary losses.
  • People wearing Pukhraj get name, fame and are extremely successful in their fields.
  • All the material comforts get showered on the wearer.
  • Wearing Pukhraj makes a person spiritual.
  • Students must wear Pukhraj if they want to improve their concentration power.

What are the healing powers of Pukhraj?

  • If a person wears Pukhraj, they are blessed with good health.
  • The wearer also stays away from committing unethical things that are against the law.
  • Pukhraj restrains a person from indulging into worldly pleasures.
  • Pukhraj is the gemstone that inculcates wisdom and physical power (both these benefits are derived from the planet Jupiter).

Guru Brihaspati is the Lord of Jupiter and hence wearing an energised Yellow Sapphire helps a person in gaining the blessings of Lord Brihaspati. However, always make sure that you buy certified gems for desirable effects. A gemstone does magic only if it is fully energised and must be worn only after an Astrologer recommends you the stone after studying your birth chart. Also one must not wear a Pukhraj if in the birth chart, the Jupiter is debilitated.

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