Amongst all the Navragraha gemstones, Pearl or Moti is one of the most precious gemstones. Pearl represents Moon, which is a celestial body that affects out mind. If the moon is strong, a person gets blessed with a powerful mind. Pandit Pawan Kaushik, a famous Gemstone expert in Gurgaon, says, “Gemstones are precious stones and in Astrology, they are said to have powers that help a person in reaping benefits related to health and wealth.”

What are the PROFESSIONAL benefits of wearing Pearl?

Pearl calms the mind of a person and thus is suitable for professionals who want to apply their creative ideas for succeeding in life. Wearing a Pearl can produce the following benefits for a person.

  • It strengthens the mental ability of the person.
  • Wearing Pearl boosts up the confidence and concentration of the wearer.
  • Creative thoughts come in the mind of individuals, and their thought-process thus produces out-of-the-box ideas.
  • Pearl is known for calming a person’s aggressive side and prevents them from developing over-anxiety.

What are the PERSONAL benefits of wearing Pearl?

A pearl is essential if you have a short-temper and do a lot of personal damage. Your relationships also get affected if you have a troublesome attitude as people never want to get close with a person who can physically or mentally harm them. Wearing a pearl can bring a lot of positivity in your personal space.
  • Wearing Pearl sharpens the memory of a person.
  • A person experiences stability in life as their creativity helps them in fetching sound financial income.
  • A person takes all the decisions of the household matters with a calm and composed mind.
  • It frees a person from the clutches of grief and depression.
  • Wearing Pearl helps a person in enjoying a cordial relationship with his near and dear ones.

What are the PHYSICAL benefits of wearing Pearl?

Half of the health problems develop because of the aggressive nature of a person. Heart attacks, high or low blood pressure happen if a person has a short temper and reacts too much to situations around him. You can be cured of a lot of health troubles if you wear a moti.
  • Pearl controls the aggressive nature of a person. Hence all the heart-related diseases are cured if a person wears Pearl. It calms the nerves and enhances the functioning of the mind.
  • Pearl also heals the health problems related to stomach, intestine and ulcer.
  • Wearing the Pearl also regulates the Blood pressure and controls the body heat.
  • People suffering from Insomnia experience a sound sleep if they wear a Moti.

Things to remember

  • Moti must always be worn in Silver metal and in the last finger of the right hand.
  • On any Monday, the ring must be worn during the Shukla Paksha.
  • The ring must be dipped in raw milk and honey for at least 20 minutes. After washing it with Ganga Jal, the wearer must chant ॐ सों सोमाय नम:, the mantra for Chandra, the Moon God. After this, the ring can be worn.
  • Never purchase a cheap or broken Pearl.
  • Pearls must always be worn as per the recommendation of an Astrologer.

Pearl starts giving effects within a week after the wearer wears it. It brings positivity in the life of the person and also enhances their aura.

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