We all love the beautiful and mesmerising fish aquariums that we seldom spot at someone’s house or in offices or hotels. Do you know that fish aquariums hold a very important place in Vastu Shastra? They are seen as a medium that rectifies many Vastu effects that might be existing around us.

Everything in this Universe inhibits a certain amount of energy that needs to be balanced. This balance can be struck if we keep the things in the correct position so that they can have a harmonious relationship with the forces of nature. Same holds true for Fish Aquarium, which must be placed correctly in homes and commercial spaces so that peace and serenity can be experienced. The water inside the Aquarium must never be stagnant. Moving water represents liveliness and spreads positivity.

Benefits of Fish Aquarium

  • When a fish dies a natural death in an aquarium, it permanently ends one of your problems.
  • Keeping an aquarium generates positive energy and at the same time eliminates the negativities of the place.
  • Always feed your fish properly. Prosperity and happiness get attracted towards places where the fish are healthy and active.
  • One can experience calmness if one observes the fish aquarium.
  • Giving food to the fish is good karma.
  • Lord Vishnu, which is the most revered God of Hindu Mythology, was fish in his first reincarnation. Thus, it is believed that fish in the aquarium absorb negativities and radiate positivity just like Lord Vishnu.
  • The negativity that sometimes enters in our residential or commercial space with the visitors gets absorbed by the fish in the tank.

Vastu Tips for keeping the Aquarium

  • Never place a sick or unhealthy fish in the tank.
  • Keeping nine fishes in the aquarium is considered auspicious.
  • Keep Dragon and golden fishes. It is a good combination.
  • Always keep eight fish of same variety and one of different colour or variety.
  • Never panic when a fish dies. Replace it with a new healthy fish.
  • Always keep your fish aquarium clean, hygienic and well-aerated. It is suggested that you must use filters, pumps and decorative stones.
  • Regularly feed the fish in the aquarium.
  • Always place the aquarium in the North or East direction of your drawing room. Never place them in the Kitchen area or the bedroom as doing so can cause food and sleeping disorders.
Important: Always keep active fishes. The more they will flow in the Aquarium, the more will be the prosperity in the house.

Vastu Shastra lays special importance on Fish Aquariums. Make sure you place them correctly. If they are not placed according to the Vastu norms, the repercussions can be very inauspicious

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