You must have heard about the principles of Vastu Shastra. But do you know how it originated? Are you aware of the story of Vastu Purusha?

Lord Brahma is the creator of Universe. One day while experimenting, Lord Brahma thought of creating a man. The man was made, but the results, however, were horrifying. He was not ordinary. Every day he grew more and more in size and ate anything that came his way. Slowly and gradually, he became enormous and powerful. He became so huge that his shadow started casting an eclipse on the Earth.

The panic button was pressed by all the Lords of the Universe. They ran towards Lord Brahma for help as none of them was strong enough to stop the atrocities of the enormous man. Lord Brahma immediately realised the blunder he had committed by forming this man. He called the Lords of the eight directions and requested them to assist Him as even Lord Brahma was not powerful enough to hold the man.

The Gods found the man, grabbed him and pinned him down on Earth with all their strengths. They successfully overpowered him. He was held in such a way that his head was in the North-East direction, and his legs were in the South-West direction. Lord Brahma held the man in the centre, and that is why the central part of the house is called Brahmasthan.

The man felt helpless and asked Lord Brahma that why such a ruthless treatment was being given to him when Lord Brahma had himself created him. Lord Brahma knew that the man was asking an honest question. Lord Brahma said, “You are not at fault. The problem is that you have become a threat to everyone around you. I cannot let you loose because you are creating chaos all over the Earth. You have to stay in this position forever now!”

The disappointed man pleaded and asked, “What will I get out of all this? Do I deserve such a bad life?” Lord Brahma pacified him and said, “I am blessing you with immortality. People before making any structure will worship you. If they do not worship you, I am giving you the freedom to tease and trouble them till they don’t keep you happy. You will be known as ‘Vastu Purusha’ and will be present in every land.”

Since then the Vastu Purusha became an inseparable part of our planet. He resides in every structure and troubles us if we do not do things according to his wish! He was pinned down on the ground, and that particular section is known as Vastu Purush Mandal!

He was pinned down by 45 Gods in total! You can very well imagine the powers he possessed. Always worship him if you want your residential and commercial space to flourish. Otherwise, he will trouble you according to the boon he got from the Lord of the Universe, Brahma!

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