In astrology, matches are made according to the nature of the different Zodiac Signs. You must have read about the best matches in Astrology, but are you aware of the worst ones? There are certain matches in Astrology that are considered incompatible according to Astrologers. Read and find out the Zodiac Signs which can become a nightmare if they come together.


The worst scenario that one can imagine is- a Capricorn falling in love with an Aries. Aries and Capricorn clash whenever they meet and cannot tolerate each other. Another strictly ‘no-no match’ is Cancer with Aries. Aries are adventurous and freedom loving whereas Cancer are extremely possessive in nature. This match never works as an Aries never gets space and freedom to follow their hobbies from a Cancerian.


Taurus always suffers if they get into a relationship with an Aquarian. The tender, sensitive and affectionate Taurean’s love never gets reciprocated from a carefree and Aquarian’s side. Taurus and Leo is also not a good match as the energy level of Leo cannot be tolerated by the slow and steady Taurus.


Virgo and Geminis clash a lot as they have ego problems. Both the Sun signs are born leaders but their approach towards life is different and that makes things difficult. Geminis are a little careless and hence a relationship with the ‘always concerned’ and sensitive Piscean is not at all fruitful.


They say opposites attract but it is not true in the case of Cancer and Libra. Cancer is an emotional Zodiac Sign whereas Libra is hardcore practical when it comes to issues related to life and relationships. A match of Aries and Cancer is also not ideal as the introvert nature of Aries creates a problem for the extrovert Cancer.


Leo and Scorpio are believed to be the most powerful signs of the Zodiac. This is the main reason of their not getting along well with each other. Taurus and Leo also fail compatibility test as the Taureans plan their finances, keeping in mind the future whereas the Leo believes in ‘living the moment’.


The road is always bumpy for Virgo when they have to travel on it with Gemini and Sagittarius. Geminis when get into a relationship with Virgos, the results are disastrous. Sagittarius and Virgos also do not share a comfortable relationship. The highly disciplined nature of the Virgo sometimes becomes intolerable for the ‘go with the flow’ Sagittarius.


Librans do not get along well with Cancerians and Capricorns. With a Cancer, the Libra never shares an understanding relationship. Librans are highly social in nature whereas a Capricorn loves spending time alone with their beloved. This dissimilarity creates a bridge between the two signs.


As stated above, the dominant sign Scorpio does not gel up well with the Leos. Aquarius is also an incompatible match for a Scorpion as the two of them see the world with different point-of-views. Aquarians are extroverts whereas Scorpions believe in guarding their secrets deep within the heart.


If you are a Sagittarius be cautious when it comes to relationships. Pisces and Virgos are the two Zodiac Signs that can give you a hard time if you fall in love with either of them. The organised and strict nature of the Virgo will become too much for you and the utopian world in which the Pisces prefer to live will not at all be entertaining to you!


Aries and Libra are the two least compatible matches for a Capricorn. Capricorns are sincere and mature. The child-like nature of an Aries irritates them, and the relationship is bound to break. The career-oriented Capricorn does not see the beauty in things like a Libran. The two Zodiac signs are exact opposites of each other!


The two Zodiac Signs that are completely incompatible with an Aquarian are- Scorpio and Taurus. Scorpions are very bossy and jealous which gives a hard time to the freedom loving Aquarius. A Taurean also clashes a lot with an Aquarian as their opinions never match on any issue!


Pisces never adjust well with a Gemini and Sagittarius. A Piscean hates the careless attitude of a Gemini towards life. Pisceans are demanding when it comes to love in relationships. This expectation of a Piscean is never met by the practical Sagittarius, which makes it an incompatible union. Water and Fire are never kept together in Vastu Shastra as the create havoc if the blunder of placing them together is done. Similarly, in Astrology it is very important to check the compatibility for avoiding unforeseen troubles.

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