With the advent of massive industrialization and day-to-day struggle, cars are no longer considered a luxury in today’s era. It has, more or less, become an essential part of our lives. Be it our day-to-day race to office or a little get away from our hectic routine, most of us prefer owning a car for ultimate comfort and convenience. However, sometimes, no matter how pro you are at driving, right from the moment you buy a vehicle, you begin dealing with little mishaps and other vehicle-related troubles.

Did you know vehicle parking is dealt very seriously in Vastu Shastra! Besides some practical reasons, inappropriate parking of the vehicle can also invite many life-threatening hazards such as:

  • Frequent accidents
  • Fire Mishaps
  • Constant breakdown of your vehicle
  • Regular trips to service station
  • Car or accessories-related thefts

Vastu Shastra states that there are certain places in the house where, if you park your vehicles, no trouble can touch your possession! A Vastu compliant parking space assures:

  • Safe travelling
  • Longevity of your vehicle;
  • Better efficiency (No or minimum unnecessary costs on maintenance)
  • Wealth inflow (if you are a businessman and travel for business)
  • Fame and popularity (if you are in the field of politics or entertainment industry)

It is important to thoroughly understand the Vastu fundamentals of vehicle parking, in order to ward off any forthcoming troubles.

Do’s of Vehicle Parking

  • North-west direction is ideal for building garages or parking.
  • The vehicle should always face towards North.
  • Ensure some walking space around the garage.
  • The floor of the garage must always slope towards East or North.
  • The Roof of the garage must slope West-to-East or South-to-North.
  • The height of the garage should always be lower than that of the main entrance of house.
  • Yellow, cream or white color is ideal for painting the walls.

Don’ts of Vehicle Parking

  • Never park your vehicle facing West or South. This can cause fire accidents.
  • Never build the garage in South-West, as this will burn a pocket in your hole due to constant breakdowns.
  • Never keep any inflammable item in your garage.
  • Never clutter the garage area with trash.
  • The walls of your garage must never touch the walls of the house.

There is a reason why most of us drive our vehicles straight to a religious place for a puja right after its purchase. Following these basic Vastu tips can assure both your physical well-being as well as your vehicle’s longevity.

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