Garden is the most refreshing part of the house. It brightens up the mood of the inhabitant and beautifies the house. But are you aware that certain Vastu principles must be followed whenever you plan to make a garden space in your house? Though sometimes we do not give relevance to the garden area, like the other corners of the house even this space requires proper attention!

Vastu for different directions in a Garden


  • It is always wise to have a garden in the North direction.
  • Avoid planting very tall trees and instead, place a basil plant in the North direction.
  • Placing a water source such as a fountain in this direction is beneficial.
  • Never clutter North direction and always avoid placing hefty objects in this direction.


  • If you have a garden in the South direction, you can plant huge trees.
  • Avoid having large open spaces in this direction.
  • No clutter or water source should be in the south direction of the garden.


  • East is also a Vastu friendly direction for Gardens.
  • Planting small shrubs or trees in this direction is auspicious.
  • Flower pots or fruit bearing plants can be planted in this direction.


  • One can plant trees like Mango in this direction.
  • You can also keep heavy decorative items in the West.
  • Avoid making a pet’s place in this direction.


  • This is the ideal direction for water sources such as swimming pool and water fountain.
  • One must avoid keeping any heavy objects or planting any thorny plants in this direction.


  • Bird’s Nest or a pet shelter is very auspicious in this direction.
  • Having a water fountain and keeping kid’s play equipment is ideal in the West direction.


  • Plant bushes such as Rose in this direction.
  • Avoid placing any water source in this direction.


  • Planting small shrubs such as Marigold, Roses and Jasmine.
  • Avoid keeping any water source in the West.


This area of the garden space must be kept clutter-free. No water source or heavy objects must be placed in this area. Also, no plants must be planted.

Some general Garden Vastu Tips

1) Always plant a Tulsi plant in the house. 2) It considered auspicious if Jasmine is planted on both sides of a pathway. 3) Always have creepers in the garden, but they must have their support system. 4) For good Karma, keep a pot for the birds and animals in the Garden. 5) A garden must always be kept clean, clutter-free, green and healthy.

Some Vastu-friendly plants and trees

• Neem Tree
• Mango Tree
• Sandalwood
• Lemon
• Bakul tree

Note: Never plant Bamboo in the limits of the house.

A garden must always be lively and should be throbbing with life. It not only is a soothing sight for the eyes but also provide respite to many animals from scorching heat and cold winds. It should be well-maintained and regularly cleaned. Any dead plants or fallen leaves must be immediately removed. A healthy and green garden brings mental peace, prosperity and progress in the life of the dwellers!

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