Why do you think that some hotels prosper whereas some that have a good location fail to lure customers? In Vastu Shastra, balancing of five main elements- Air, Water, Space, Fire and Earth is considered essential for a smooth inflow of income, prosperity and peace. Pandit Pawan Kaushik, who is a Vastu Expert in Gurgaon and holds an experience of 20 years in the field says, “Commercial Vastu holds paramount importance and must be followed while making hotels, factories, Hospitals, Schools or Colleges.” If you adhere to the below Vastu tips, be ready to experience a booming business in your Hotel.

Shape of the hotel plot

Unlike in Residential Vastu where strictly, irregular plots are not recommended, in the case of Hotel, round shaped, hexagonal, square shaped plots are considered auspicious and profitable. Also, if possible, go for a plot that has road on all the four sides. This can boom the business of your hotel well.

Entrance of the Hotel

Never should you make the entrance of your hotel through South-West? Always have the main entry point of your hotel through North, East or North-East directions. These directions are helpful in attracting the customers to your hotel. Also, construction of the hotel must be done in a manner so that more space is left open in North and East directions.

Placement of Kitchen

The kitchen is a relevant part of the Hotel, and it should be constructed in the South-East. It should be spacious, well-ventilated and must be on the ground floor, if possible. The electrical appliances that are regularly used must be kept in the South-East corner of the Kitchen, and the storeroom must be in the West or South direction.

Rooms in the Hotel

The beds in the Hotel room must be South or West direction so that the guests who sleep on it have their head in the above two directions only. The bathrooms of the room must be made in the North-West or South-West only.

Placement of Electrical Appliances

Electrical appliances must always be kept in South-east direction to please the God of Fire. That is why the Air Conditioners in the hotel must be in this direction only. The elevators, however, must be in the South Direction.

Placement of Water

If the hotel wants to create a space for swimming pools, it must be constructed only on the North-East side. Similarly, even the underground water tanks must be kept in this direction only.

Apart from the above points, it is advised that you must always keep a water source like Fountain, aquarium in the North-east portion at the entrance. This helps in creating a positive aura around the place.

If you still are not aware of how Vastu can attract prosperity into your hotel, follow the above tips and see the difference it brings to your business.

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