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Vastu Tips : Kitchen (For a prosperous life)

How many of you remember the sanctity that our grandmothers used to maintain in the kitchen area? The kitchen was for them a temple in which the shoes and slippers were strictly prohibited. The utensils were always washed off after dinner and never did they assemble clutter in their favourite place! Yet we call these people uneducated. The educated urban population hardly focuses on maintaining the kitchen area as all their day is spent exhausting themselves at jobs and businesses. With the big gap that we are experiencing in our traditions and our modern values need to be filled! Kitchen Vastu is an essential part of Vastu Shastra which helps in bringing positivity in an area which satiates our hunger and quenches our thirst! Is it not our responsibility to make this area of the house Vastu friendly?

Ideal Location of the Kitchen

It is very important to please the Lord of Fire who resides in the South-East direction of the house. It is therefore advised that Kitchen must always be made in this direction. The Lord of Fire guards your kitchen and prevents all kinds of fire accidents.

Placement of Kitchen appliances

In a kitchen, Vastu directions must be followed while keeping the appliances. For example- A gas stove must always be kept in the South-east corner of the Kitchen and the person cooking the food must always have their face towards the East direction.

Installation of sinks and taps

Can two opposite people survive in the same room for a long time? Fire and water are exactly opposite in nature. Therefore, sinks and taps must always be installed in the north-west direction, away from the Gas stove.

Proper placement of Refrigerator

Always keep the refrigerator in the South-West direction if you have the adequate space to keep it in the kitchen. There must always be a one-foot gap between the refrigerator and the wall.

Windows and Exhaust fans

Always make space for windows in the kitchen, if possible. Also, place an exhaust in the east direction. This helps in sending out the negativities that sometimes enter into the kitchen with a person.

Keep the electrical appliances in an organised manner

In today’s modern era, it is not possible to find a kitchen where there are no electrical appliances. Always keep the ovens, heaters, tandoor or any other electrical appliance in the South-East direction.

Storage Corner

We sometimes stack the ration or extra utensils in a particular corner and save them for some other time. Such storage places in the kitchen must be made in the South or West direction. Never use the North and East walls for storage purpose.

Colours in the Kitchen

Always stick to VIBGYOR colours while painting your kitchen. Grey and black are a strict no!

Water storage

Always keep an earthen pot in the North-east direction as it brings positivity in the kitchen. Filters and pitchers must also be kept in this direction only. The kitchen is a special part of the house. It gives food to you after a long and tiring day and takes care of your taste buds! If you adhere to these Kitchen Vastu tips, your house will never be without food and prosperity!

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