For ages gemstones have been considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Even the Mughals kings were seen wearing them; exhibiting their power of kingship. They also strongly believed in the Astrological powers and their vitality in empowering estate and gain control over enemies.

Today also, people place same level of faith in power of stones. Usually, these shimmering and beneficial stones are either infused in jewelry designs or they are worn in plain solid metal rings and chains for a better fortune. Not all gemstones have astrological significance; some are popular and loved by people for their look and beauty, like Aquamarine, bloodstone, etc.

One important point that is critical to harness benefits of gemstone is– the stone should contact skin of the wearer. It has to be studded in the ornament or accessory design in a way that it touches the skin on the wearer.

As per Vedic astrology, there are nine gemstones and each rules different planet and signs of the Zodiac.

  • Coral rules Mars
  • Emerald rules Mercury
  • Yellow Sapphire rules Jupiter
  • Diamond for Venus
  • Blue Sapphire for Saturn
  • Ruby for Sun
  • Pearl for two nodes; Rahu[north node] and Ketu[south node] are ruled by Hessonite and Cat’s eye respectively.

Stones that bring good fate, advised based on zodiac signs specified zodiac signs are called birth stones. Continue reading to know which stone owns the power to positively change the course of luck and life.


ARIES : You seem to be very short tempered with quick mood swings. True? Go for Ruby to welcome patience. The aura of stone is believed to generate relieving environment around the wearer. It can only be worn in ring finger and prefer getting it fixed in a gold frame.

TAURUS : You should either go for Ruby or Blue Sapphire; Ruby will bring along health and happiness, while Sapphire will effect prosperity. Blue Sapphire and Ruby are to be set in gold, and advised to be worn in middle finger and ring finger respectively.

GEMINI : You are a spendthrift. To cut down on this habit and control monetary needs, Diamonds will suit you best. The stone will boost your luck and help in fulfillment of your dream. It is either to be worn in little finger and it advised be set in both, silver or gold.

CANCER : You seek more love and happiness. To bring you close to one you have been seeking all life, Coral is the stone that you immediately need. It should be fixed in gold and is advised to be worn in ring finger.

LEO : You have a choice between Yellow Sapphire and Coral. Yellow Sapphire will contribute in helping you achieve fame, and the aura of the stone will put you limelight, while Coral will garner success and love in your life. Yellow Sapphire is to be worn in index finger and Coral in ring finger.

VIRGO : Money comes but it does not stay, where it vanishes, you don’t have a clue! If this has been the scenario of your life, Emerald is the perfect stone for you. This stone drives prosperity, money and love in your life. Set in gold, it is to be worn in little finger.

LIBRA : You are versatile, so go for Blue Sapphire as the gemstone will further enhance your charm that will get you noticed and take you forward in your field. Get it fixed in gold and wear it in ring finger.

SCORPIO : You stay in doubt and take time to decide? If such is the case, Pearl will suit you. The stone will stabilize your love life and bring in the perfect balance that is needed between work and life. Pearl is to be set in silver and to be worn in little finger.

SAGGITARIUS : Ruby is the stone that will best suit you. This stone strengthens bonding between loved ones and contributes in making relationship beautiful. But if a wearer is into multiple romantic relationships, they should discontinue wearing it immediately because than it can show some side effects. Ruby is to be fixed in gold and should be worn in ring finger.

CAPRICORN : To help you rise in career and bring success, diamond suits you the best. As you are practical in approach, wearing a diamond will make you generous and an outgoing social person. Diamond is to be worn in little finger and should be fixed in gold.

AQUARIUS : You are lucky enough to be born in this sign. Wear a diamond and enjoy the best of life. From the happy love life to the luxurious car, everything will be under your possession if you bring this stone in your life.

PISCES : Pearl is lucky for you to achieve peace and prosperity. You will feel more relaxed and it will improve the pace of your career growth. A smooth and effortless life can be gained by wearing a pearl in the little finger embossed in silver.


  • Gemstones should be worn after being advised by learned Gemstone Expert after viewing personal horoscope.
  • The wearer can wear the gemstones in either of the hands [right handed people can wear in right hand and left handed can wear it in left hand].
  • Gemstone should be weighed, and should be in sync with your personal weight.
  • The purification of these gems should be done appropriately to achieve fruitful results.
  • The stones should first be tried for 15 days. If the wearer sees any side effect, the/she should immediately discontinue wearing the same.
  • Children should prefer wearing it in a pendent instead of ring.
  • To achieve best results, wearer should go for finest quality.