While reading a horoscope or Kundali, astrologer pawan kaushik gives utmost attention to the Ascendant. It is the point that tells about one’s physical features and nature. Following this, the Moon is another important point that exhibits one’s mind and thought-process.

Every month when the Moon touches the planets, it collects energies from them and grants it to the mind of a person in whose Zodiac that specific planet entered. Sade sati, 7 1⁄2 years long period of the Saturn (Shani), shows the movement of Saturn planet strongly related to the Moon sign. Shani sade sati starts when the planet Saturn [Shani] enters a zodiac sign before the Moon, at the time of an individual’s birth. It holds on till the Saturn is present in the current Zodiac Sign along with the coming two Zodiac signs; and spend for two and a half years in each zodiac sign. It consequently takes total seven and a half years to complete it’s period and hence, it is known as Sadesati.

Shani, the planet known for its destructive nature, also shower blessings if one is committed to positive karma and perform Shani poojan at auspicious timings. Also named as “krur lochan” (evil eyed), one should never look into the eyes of the idol representing Shani Dev because it is believed that Lord Shani’s gaze can destroy the even the most powerful personalities.

Mythological Stories:

Various stories depict the evil eyes of Lord Shani:

  • Once upon a time, when Goddess Parvati (Lord Shiva’s wife) gave birth to Ganesha, she offered the sweets to all the ganas of Lord Shiva along with Shani dev, who was meditating that time. Shani knew that his sight could make the event inauspicious and so, he kept his head bowed down. Parvati asked him to bless the little Ganesha. When Shani raised his head to bless Lord Ganesha, the head of the newborn was blown away.
  • Another legendary story of Shani is in Ramayana. Ravana, who wanted to fulfill his wish of becoming the most powerful person, succeeded in gaining control over all the Navgrah of his horoscopes. To add to the humiliation, he hung the Navgrahs upside down. Although Shani was the most powerful of them all, with his face upside down he could not do anything to save his honour. One day, a knowledgeable Sage Narad visited the court of Ravana. After praising his magnificent palace, he asked Ravana to face the Nav Grahs upside so that Ravan could step on them in order to see the discomfort on their faces. The proposal sounded appealing to the demon king and he ordered his men to turn all the grahs to their normal positions. The moment Shani was looked at by Ravana, everything worst came in existence. Lord Rama killed Ravana, along with his whole family, during the Sadesati of Shani.

Effects Of Saturn

  • Saturn in 12th house: If the Saturn is in 12th house, it leads to wasteful expenditures, enemies, imprisonment and ill health.
  • Saturn in 1st house: If Saturn is in 1st house of the horoscope, it leads to depression, dissatisfaction in married life and forces a person into wrong judgments.
  • Saturn in 2nd house: It leads to the financial troubles, loss in business and misunderstandings in relationships.
  • Saturn in 8th house: This causes troubles like financial and legal problems, health issues and can even lead to the death of someone in the family.

Remedies For Sadesati:

  • One should light up a diya of sesame oil under a Peepal tree or in front of Shani Dev idol.
  • Donate black grams, black cloth, an iron nail, coin, sesame seeds to the poor.
  • Chant the Shani mantra for atleast 108 times.
  • Worship Lord Hanuman and read Hanuman Chalisa for 108 times.
  • Feed the black ant with flour and sugar.
  • Donate edibles like rice, curd, milk, etc on Poornima (full moon) day.
  • Donate mustard oil with coins in an iron bowl.
  • All these remedies must be adapted for atleast 7 Saturdays.