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Know What Your Future

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What does your future hold? This is something that everyone would like to know. Your horoscope by an astrology expert like Pt. Pawan Kaushik can help you discover how stars and planetary motions are going to influence your immediate future.

Regarded as the top astrologer in India, Pt. Pawan Kaushik offers the most authentic and reliable daily horoscope, horoscope, horoscope matching, online horoscope, horoscope by birth.

Based on the position of prominent stars, planets, sun and moon at the time of your birth, a Vedic birth chart (kundli) is created. When a child is born, parents keep a record of the day, time and place of birth. These details are used to create his/her Kundli, which is then used to predict his/her horoscope by birth.

According to astrology, your horoscope is the blue-print of your life. Horoscope can be used to make predictions about different aspects of life including career, health, marriage, foreign visits, etc. Getting an accurate and reliable reading of your horoscope by Pt. Pawan Kaushik will help you get valuable insights into various aspects of your life.

After consulting him for your horoscope reading, it will become easier to figure out the core issues or hurdles in your life and then you may seek astrological remedies to change your life for the better. You can also ask for online horoscope analysis but a personal horoscope reading is always more beneficial. You may be born with some troubling planetary arrangements, which may affect your life adversely. Sitting face-to-face with the astrologer makes you get the right guidance in no time to solve your life’s major issues in no time.

Consult astrologer Pt. Pawan Kaushik to know your horoscope and how to deal with the issues associated with your birth chart.


Q. What is the difference between the Sun Sign Horoscope and the Personal Daily Horoscope?

Sun sign horoscope is based on the zodiac signs allotted to a person at the time of their birth. This is based on the positioning of the sun on its path through the year and determines the basic characteristics and traits of a person, whereas the personal daily horoscope is the prediction made based on these zodiac signs.

Q. How accurate should the time of birth be for Horoscope Analysis?

Vedic astrology is based on the physical position of the constellation in the sky. From a starting point, equal segments of 30o each is set for zodiac signs starting from Aries. On the other hand, western astrology considers fixed zodiac.

Q. Does different positions of planets in Horoscope impact differently for everyone?

Yes. Pandit Pawan Kaushik, speaks about how the astrology is all about the energies and their interactions with a person. A change in position of a planet, or a celestial body, would mean a different spectrum of energy. This means that the planets will have a different impact on a person.

Q. What is the significance of Horoscope analysis for a better future?

The main purpose of a horoscope in astrology is to accurately predict the future of a person based on the movement of his/her stars. With the help of the horoscope of a person, the problems and their remedies in a person’s life can be given, so they live their life happily. For a horoscope analysis, get in touch with Pandit Pawan Kaushik.

Q. Can Horoscope Analysis predict the favourable and unfavourable period of our life?

Yes. The horoscope is like a graphical representation of everything that is going to happen in your life. As the planets move from one house to another in your horoscope, their effect will bring something new in your life. So it can definitely predict the favourable and unfavourable phases in your life. If you wish to get more insight into your horoscope, you can book an appointment with Pandit Pawan Kaushik.