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A major part of ancient science helps in predicting the future. This is not just a myth, but is a fact that helps people overcome tough situations and lead a fruitful life. Astrology is one such aspect that helps people win over situations and even provides a solution for various problems. But remember, only experts with thorough knowledge of astrology can provide effective solutions!

Predicting the future is possible by experts who have diverse and in-depth knowledge in the field astrology. Experts can foresee the future facts about health, life, money as well as education with their virtue of mastery in astrology. An expert astrologer is capable of explaining the cause of present academic hardships with the help of educational astrology and helps people understand obscuring reasons behind the problems of a student.

Whatever may be your troubles while studying, experts in the field of astrology extend a helping hand to the needy by providing them useful guidance. People are skeptical regarding their educational goals and are also doubtful if they would ever be able to complete their degrees in life. Educational astrology provides a realistic solution for students who are in a dilemma concerning their careers. For the best career and business guidance in Delhi NCR, you can meet Pandit Pawan Kaushik, an expert in the field of astrology. He can suggest many remedies and gemstones suitable as per one’s Kundli, which will bring a positive change in one’s life. Reciting mantras, wearing prescribed Jyostish gemstones and performing the relevant rituals can bring peace of mind by driving away from the misfortunes in life and in turn help attain great success professionally.


Q. Which house is responsible for a career?

In the Kundli of a person, the 10th house depicts the profession and the reputation of a person. Further, the presence of Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and/or Saturn further strengthens this house.

Q. Can astrology predict the right profession for me?

Yes, it can. There is a separate field of career astrology that can predict a person’s profession. Pandit Pawan Kaushik is known to be the best career astrologer in Delhi, having changed thousands of lives with his knowledge.

Q. Can astrology help in my failed career life?

Yes. You can talk to the leading Career Astrologer in Gurgaon, Pandit Pawan Kaushik to get the help of astrology in reestablishing your career.

Q. Which house is for business in astrology?

The 7th house in the horoscope of a person is the primary house for success in business. However, the 10th house is dedicated to career and reputation, which is why the Pandit Pawan Kaushik, leading career astrologer in Delhi, calls it the secondary house for business.

Q. Can astrology help in getting success in my business?

Yes, with the help of career astrology, you can get success and prosperity in your business, easily.

Q. Should I go for business or job according to astrology?

This depends on your Kundli. While some people may have strong planets for job, others will have greater chances for success in business. For an accurate prediction, get in touch with the top astrologer in India, Pandit Pawan Kaushik.