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Zodic Result

Pisces Weekly Result

Weekly zodiac predictions for the week start from 16 April
You will be satisfied to see the things are moving in your desired direction. Financial you will become very strong and all your efforts to make money will be successful in this week. Your property will yield good profits if sold out in this week. Disputes regarding property will resolve and you may receive many lucrative deeds. You may attach to some sort of social organization and do the social works to get the name and fame. Unnecessary altercation will take the shape of heated arguments, so be careful. You will take benefits from your esteemed knowledge to reach the new heights.

Weekly zodiac predictions for the week start from 23 April
You will eliminate your enemies and come out from your old debts. Behavior of your family members will be affectionate towards you. All sorts of problems will be sorted out with the help of relatives and friends. Financially you will become more sound. Beware from your enemy

Weekly zodiac predictions for the week start from 30 April
You will get each and every success in what so ever you do is assured in this week. This week is quite good and good money inflow is seen. You will earn a lot by applying new techniques at your work place and in business. Take care of your health, as expenses on treatment may be quite heavy. Family atmosphere will be peaceful. You may go on long journeys with relation to your profession.