Taurus is a second sign of the zodiac and is known for being stable, loyal and determined. They desire material benefits: finance physical pleasures in relationships. The bull serves the Taurus which makes them stubborn and arrogant. Ruled by the Goddess Venus, Taurus are known for acquiring what they love. They want everything to be beautiful and perfect which includes their house, partner or anything closely related to their life. They are physically well built and their strong physique allows them to pursue their love for adventure sports such as mountain climbing, hiking etc. A Taurus has a charming personality that overshadows their flaws and mistakes. They like being rewarded and work hard to get things done in a way that would provide them with a luxurious and comfortable life. They relish soothing and pleasing environment. If somebody wants them work on something that does not interest them, they can be extremely lazy and lethargic while completing the task. Taurus do not like changes around them as it makes them nervous and worried. Be it a relationship or business, they have a fear for the unknown and do not like venturing into the same.

Business – Career

Taurus are strong and determined when it comes to business. A Taurus very well knows how to develop a business and avoids taking any harsh decisions that can result in losses. They wait for the time when others give up. The moment they see people around them hitting the bottom, the Taurus takes charge. They are very good at taking decisions related to finance. They know how to make money in business and are highly accustomed with those endless manipulating ways that would help them make money. They set their own path for success along with their own set of rules and regulations. They are not spendthrifts but enjoy lavish possessions around them. They favor saving money for sustainability and stability of their business. Any loss or downfall in their business can depress and anger a Taurus to the core!


Born romantics, Taurus tend to be devoted lovers in the long run. They are possessive in their relationships and do not like being ignored. Taurus love intimacy and closeness on both, physical and emotional levels. A little stubborn, sometimes things go out of their hands but this second sign of the zodiac never allow or let their love slip out of their lives. They are patient and do not jump into relationships and always seek stability and security. They are sensitive to the needs of their partner and pamper them immensely. A Taurus openly expresses their love and enjoys the typical, old fashioned romance. As a passionate lover, the relationship of Taurus is long lasting and steady. However, if a partner breaks the trust of the Taurus, getting back into a relationship with them is absolutely impossible. Taurus has a nerve for food, hence if you are looking forward to fall in love with them, always remember that the secret way to their heart is through their stomach.


The body parts governed by the sun sign Taurus include the neck, throat, tongue and ears. A Taurus must always take care of these areas. They should always be strict in their diets as they tend to put on a lot of weight. They are prone to heart related problems and should take necessary precautions in order to avoid it. They are advised to maintain good diet and regular exercises like swimming and cycling. Taurus does not suffer from stress-related problems as they never carry their work problems home. Taurus should avoid getting angry on issues that might flare them up since it can result in problems related to heart and blood pressure. Overall, a Taurus should follow a disciplined routine that includes a balanced diet and regular exercises to avoid health problems.