Scorpios is the most mysterious Sun sign of the Zodiac. They never open up to people and keep most of their thoughts and emotions to themselves. They have a mysteriously calm appearance which makes them more desired and irresistible!

Scorpions like unraveling the secrets that exists in the world, including the people they are surrounded with. They have the power to extract everybody’s secrets without even them realizing it. Their enigmatic personality adds to their charm and people can’t resist falling in love with a Scorpion. They can’t stop themselves from unveiling the deep dark secrets of a Scorpio. Just like a Scorpion, they too possess a power to regenerate and leave their past behind whenever an obstacle hits their ground. Leave aside their friends and lover, a Scorpion is strangely honest and loyal even to their enemies. They have the ability to plan a perfect trap for their enemies and avenge them in the most ruthless ways. Hence, it is always advisable not to get into an enmity with a Scorpio since, not everyone can face their methods of vengeance. But likewise a scorpion is deadly for itself, they too are prone to hurting their own self.

Another quality of this sun sign is their strong instincts which help them achieve everything they work hard for. Once they set their eyes on something, nothing can stop them from achieving it.


It is hard to resist the charm of a Scorpion. They are die-hard lovers and put in all their energies to make their relationships work. When they go through a break-up, they move on after sometime but always leave an everlasting impact in their ex-partner’s life. They take their relationships seriously and understand the needs and desires of their partners. Scorpios know no midway. Either it is 100% love for them or 100% hate. The only thing they need to learn is to distinguish between a casual relationship and a true relationship as they tend to seldom confuse the two! They like to shower their partners with praises, dinner dates and surprises and in return, desire loud passion and commitment from their partners. Until or unless they can rely on a person in terms of trust and faithfulness, a Scorpio will never allow a peep or a hint of their real self. Known to be a little dominating in relationships, this sun sign can blindly be trusted when it comes to loyalty and reliability. They are constantly on a hunt for a partner who can put up with them and their personality in the long run, both physically and mentally. They can, sometimes, appear to be highly possessive and nagging due to their dominating nature. But once they enter parenthood, they prove themselves as an exceptionally responsible and affectionate parent!

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that their magnetic and charismatic personality is no less than a powerful weapon with which they can reach the heights. They are well-focused and know their goals very well. They formulate perfect strategies and plans to achieve what they desire. Their secretive nature gives them an edge over others. They never disclose their plans and strategies until they have executed them! They are known for their high patience and endurance and never lose self-control in heated discussions or troubled work environment. Scorpions like to be a little bossy and cannot stand taking orders. They do well in military due to their secretive nature. Scorpions enjoy controlling and ruling from the back seat and do not prefer coming into notice at workplace. Their passion for unveiling the secrets enables them to perform exceptionally well in fields such as detectives, inspectors, spies and police. They also perform remarkably well in the fields of medicine and science, journalism and iterature.
Scorpions rather wish to work independently and hence, make a good businessman. The only negative aspect of the Scorpions is their habit to hold onto a lot of grudges, in both their personal as well as professional life. Their tendency to hold on to things in their hearts causes unnecessary hindrance in their career. One simple advice- It is impossible to get everything that you want in life. Be content in what you achieved rather than worrying about what you did not.


Scorpios have a strange relationship with food. When they eat, they gain a lot of weight but on the contrary, turn lean and weak as soon as they stop eating well. As a consequence of their nature to over-stress and over-worry, they develop several digestive problems. Due to the same reason, they are also susceptible to restlessness and insomnia. Scorpios should indulge themselves in regular exercises such as swimming and cycling to soothe their minds and to relieve themselves from stress. Besides this, they are prone to seasonal fevers and also suffer with problems related to bladder, groin and throat. They are advised to stay extra cautious against contagious diseases.