As the 9th sign of the Zodiac, Sagittarius is a home to the Eternal wanderers of the Zodiac. Represented by a bow and an arrow, the Archer face life as it comes to them. People born under this Zodiac sign prefer moving with the flow. They cannot stand unwanted obstructions in their path. They have a heart for travelling and like exploring places they have never seen before. Calling them a travel bug or a wanderer wouldn’t be an exaggeration! Sagittarius hold on strong to the principle of independence and prefer living their life on their own set of rules. Due to their extremely social nature and potential to have a lot of friends can sometimes make them look proudy and arrogant. Given that, they hardly even care about what others have to say about them as they believe in following their heart. They don’t care a whit about any criticism that comes their way! A Sagittarius, however, may sometimes cross that thin line between being talkative and talking utterly foolish. This is one of the major fallback that this sun sign of the Zodiac needs to carefully work on. They need to learn that a little hold on one’s tongue does no harm sometimes.

Bold and courageous, the Sagittarius is always beaming with energy and is always high on life. They enjoy adventures but deep inside, they are fond lovers of reading and writing (a hobby they prefer keeping under the wraps). They are known to be highly ambitious with very high goals and they seem to care less about whether their goals are even achievable or not. Fortunately, with the blessings of Jupiter, they seem to do well in life and always end up making right decisions.


Sagittarius does not favour public displays of affection. You will hardly sight a Sagittarius showering gifts or surprising their partners. They fail to get all mushy and exciting and hence they appear to be a little dull and boring in relationships. On the contrary, Sagittarius is a very dedicated and passionate lover. They prefer taking their love to exotic vacations and adventure sports! And so, if you’re looking for a match with a Sagittarius, you must be well-prepared for a series of adventures! The shortcoming of a Sagittarius is that they are always filled with mixed emotions. They like the idea of falling in love but their feelings appear to be temporary. They can’t stand losing their independence and freedom that easily. Most of the times, they are occupied convincing themselves that their partner is not a perfect match and hence their search for the same should continue.

Even though not jumping in a relationship is good but avoiding it every now and then can cause serious failures. After a certain amount of time, the person you keep at bay might start feeling unwanted and you may lose a wonderful chance of getting your perfect match. They are advised to learn balancing their emotions. They need to come out of their own philosophies about not needing anyone in their life and should try taking efforts to make a relationship last!


Sagittarius love exploring new dimensions. This is one of the major reasons why they are so successful in life. They do well in careers that require travelling a lot. They hardly trap themselves in any kind of monotonous job as they have a tendency of getting bored too easily. As a carefree soul, a Sagittarius may end up performing well in careers like travelling, tourism industry, photography and sports. They also prove their intelligence in the fields such as Sales and Marketing due to their faith on their own instincts. They have a gifted tongue. People can hardly ignore what they say and are all ears to the Speaker.

In money matters, a Sagittarius must be a little conscious of the losses because of their inclination towards taking rash decisions. But the good part is, when they incur losses, they never let that happen again. They are very good at rectifying their mistakes and never repeat them! Sagittarius needs to learn to be a little patient and stable. They tend to get bored and lose their jobs quite often and should learn that this can result in an unstable career on a long run!


Sagittarians love living life on their own terms and conditions and this is one of the biggest reason why they do not suffer from any health or stress related problems. Due to their love for adventure and outdoor sports, the Sagittarians are always fit and healthy when it comes to physical fitness. However, their love for adventures may sometimes cause injuries, sprains, bruises or even cuts. They should always warm up a little before exercising and should allow enough time to their body in order to recover from injuries. A diet full of fresh fruits and dairy products can help them stay fitter and healthier. A Sagittarian should often indulge in relaxing therapies and take a break from their hectic schedules.